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    Cant get texturing down I am using milkshape would love to finish my enterprise please help!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any help i would appreciate. What program and how.



    in milk go to materials,then make new,selec your bmp file,selec a group and asing it to it,then use texture coordinator to finish



    I have created a small uv-map texturing tutorial for you
    in milkshape.

    I will be using Bobirovs apoc house1 model in this example


    steps to highlight faces

    1) import a milkshape model

    2)look at top dropdown menus they are labled:

    file, edit, vertex, face, animate, tools, window, help

    first select tools/selection editor & select the faces
    by holding left ctrl and left clicking the faces you want



    note: dont let go of left ctrl key!! and click or it will un highlight
    you can spin the model by holding the right mouse clicker
    or by clicking the rotate button far left near the select button.

    then when you have selected the faces you want to change
    click the [save] button and it highlights those faces into milk.




    Coordinate editor

    now that your faces are highlighted choose from the top
    drop down menu windows/texture coordinate editor

    your texture should apear if you have already assigned
    textures under the [materials] tab in the milk main window toolbox.

    click and hold ctrl & middle wheel mouse to move arround
    in the texture coordinate editor.

    select the group from your righ dropdown box
    that your highlighted faces would be under until you see
    the red vertex’s in the window.

    4) once you see the red vertexes & white lines
    click select & drag your mouse & select the vertexes
    then click move to move them & scale etc.

    once you have the vertexes marked on your texture
    close that box and you should be able to see
    those selected faces are now textured.

    repeat this process until your entire model is textured

    you can texture faces :
    face by face (or) grouped facings

    hope this helps



    Thank you so much!!!! Will have to texture enterprise now!!!!!!!
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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