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    I really wish you would stop saying “terror”, Apache. You know as well as I do that Israel is the aggressor in this war. The Lebanese/Hizbollah are not “terrorists”, they are trying to protect their country and people from an occupation by Israel that has been going on for decades.

    I’m sorry, I just felt sick after reading everything you’ve written and couldn’t keep quiet about it anymore.

    I’ll drop a link to someone speaking the truth about this conflict in the media, which is a rarity, and then I shall go. 😕



    Hizzballa=not terorr?? CD…
    I guess u don’t have all the information the the rest of the world knows: Hizzballa is terror organization just like other terror organizations i.e: the chachnic, el kayda, the baskin underground (ETA?). Lebanon is in control of Suria which support terror!
    I guess u didn’t all the Nassralla speaches and all the persedent of Iran speaches calling to the destraction of Israel..and Iran is also sending ammo and weapons and rockets and EVEN soldiers to help them is the currnet war. The luanching missle ON CIVILIANS is leabarion war??? luaching 150 missles per day and 90 persent of them lands on CIVILIANS places is a freedom war???

    If some is fighting on their freedomer and fighting againts terror is US! we fight a war againts terror from 2 sides: south: Hammas, north Hizzballafront of Iran. Yes hizzballa is the represtor of Iran.

    As for the killing civilinas in Lebanon: If Lebanon wouldn’t let hizballa (in arabic its with “a”..also in hebrew) take control on the south of country then ALL THIS wouldn’t even happenening. Hizzballa USES CIVILAN FOR its interests. They use civilian builing to store ammo and rockets and lauchers! U could see it in many videos (yes i do admit the publicity from Israel to the world is poor..too poor).
    The civilains were wared nuber of times that they are in terorr sites that on their homes (yes evn own homes) there are hizzballa equipment and crews). The IDF airforce shot that missle on a HIZBALLA target, if they knew that there are still ppl on this place THEY WOULDN’T have done it. They said it on TV. Yesterday. We NEVER shoots on civilians on intention. Hizzballa, like terror organization (remeber 9 11?) shoot civilians in intention to do it..even on arabs who lives in Isreal..on any1!
    And I aint even gonna give more moral proofs. I think the umoral side is clearly NOT ISARAEL. Yes we r agrresive..but the full combat leve is been hold..u know y?? (while again 100+ missels laned today and killed 2 arabic-israely civilians ON INTENTION). cause we want give diplomacy porsses to have all chances they need to get a seeys (who u splell it?) fire.
    In one sentence: Hizzballa don’t want us here. We don’t have a fight againt Lebanon (or even suria) BUT againts Hizzballa.

    Sorry for srong words, but I didn’t want to go that place in what I wrote till now. I only wanted to tell the sroty from here. Israel cause most of what u see on TV u see the Lebanony side…which is one side of 2..
    Remember again, it is a fact, Lebanon is in control of suria the leadership there is “colony” of Bashar el Asasd, presedent of Suria. Surai gives supplies to hizzballa (I mean not humenterina supplies…)..

    I hope what I wrote help in any way to any1.
    Ofcours I didn’t jumped in the ait when I heard about the 57 cvilians..I;m not a memeber on hizzballa or on Hamas..
    Hizzballa started this war! NOT US.

    Again sorry, but after what comedown wrote couldn’t not wreply and write all this.

    Hope for peaceful middle east (what I can see on next decade..and I’m not blind).




    another opinion on Hizbollah…….

    Honestly Apache, I understand that there is major turmoil going on in your corner of the earth, but I am wondering if this is the best place to post your data, there are 2 sides to every story and I will not tell you that your side is wrong, but……….

    This could cause some major BS within this community if there are others who disagree with your view on things, I myself am not offended at all, but I can see how others might be, you might wanna consider this…….

    I cannot ask you to stop posting, but I also dont want to see players divided over this subject, no matter what is happening in the world, I would hope that we can all play in peace and have fun.

    We all have our opinions on life and such, and I do hate when people wanna mess with you because of where you are from, but your statements can be taken the same way, if we happen to have a player from Lebanon join, it would not be fair for him either.

    I will shutup now, I just dont want to see people getting mad at each other
    over personal feelings in a place where we come to have fun 😕




    * The Oxford English Dictionary defines terrorism as “a policy intended to strike with terror those against whom it is adopted; the employment of methods of intimidation; the fact of terrorising or condition of being terrorised.”
    * Webster’s New International Dictionary defines terrorism as the “act of terrorizing, or state of being terrorized; specif.: a The system of the Reign of Terror. b A mode of governing, or of opposing government, by intimidation. c Any policy of intimidation.
    * The definition of the term in the Oxford Concise Dictionary of Politics (2nd edition) begins:

    Term with no agreement amongst government or academic analysts, but almost invariably used in a pejorative sense, most frequently to describe life-threatening actions perpetrated by politically motivated self-appointed sub-state groups.

    * The American Heritage Dictionary defines terrorism as “The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political

    It is all in the eye of the beholder, for us Yanks here “The Boston Tea Party” could be viewed as a terrorist act. Or in more recent time a certain head butt in world cup play.

    How about we just say them or us, just report the actions or avoid labels there is a whole kettle of worms that needs not be opened.

    Keep your head down and remember incoming fire always has the right of way. Best of luck and BE SAFE!



    Ty D for the reply.
    Any1 who want to write about the Lebanon side, go a head of cours u can, BUT keep it to known fact and not unbased information.
    I wrote only facts. Based information. That info could be more know only if the Israely publicity would DO SOMETHING.
    Btw, something Beyamin Nethanyhu (former Israely primeminister) on a british TV channel: The british person asked him something about morality and Bibi said: “You don’t wanna go there”. The person said: “why not”. Netanyahu said something that made the britush speechless: “Britain air force wanted to bomb the gestapo HQ on the world war2 but they missed and crashed totaly a kids hospital..and nobody mention it nor apologizedclaim apologie for that”

    Unfortunately some1 (no metter who..) who leave far from here can’t see what we see here….and all the “speclists opinion ppl” that fogot to mention the ISRAEL stepped OUT OF ANT TERyTORRY OF LEBANON 6 YEARS AGO, (the link) who says something form>>>>>>>out there doesn’t know the whole info they need and say unbased stuff.
    The facts remains: the boarded was autourised by UN and US AND Lebanon. We went out (the reason we came in is PLO…). We r out of there for 6 years… and now..hizzballa felt like kidnupp soldiers.,.so some1 thought a response wont come???

    Again. an1 in here ofcours can write but write based information pls.



    comedown, you’re quite rediculous. I suppose that “suicide” bombers are not terrorists either?

    Thank you Dire and SPYER for your sensible comments.

    Thank you apache for keeping us updated on how the war is going. It is good for people to hear all sides.

    I will now split this topic and lock the last few posts. It really is not the place for this sort of discussion. However, I would like to ask apache to continue to update things but to keep it short.

    Apache, see if you can try this:

    Perhas make your updates weekly or each day by editing your posts, then each week begin a new post, it will keep the toic shorter. Those that are interested will know where to find you 😉

    If you like it the way it is, keep doing it that way. I just think we need to avoid the discussion that comedown was trying to begin. This is not the place for that. We will leave the peace process where it belongs… IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

    If anyone dissagrees with the facts apache is posting about the war in Lebanon, they should do so in a sensible manner. Posting appropriate links is acceptable. Links to sites supporting terrorism will be deleted.

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