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    you did not mention that it would be a mod

    you did not !




    ooooh, the Team tournament of mods, that would be freakin awsome, because different players are better at different mods, this would make things very even as far as skill is concerned!!!!

    this is only the opinion of one person 😈

    and as far as I know, this was only suggested as a team tourny, the use of mods or non use of mods was never mentioned!
    this is still an idea in the making πŸ˜€

    I am game for whatever happens πŸ˜‰



    @mandy wrote:

    you did not mention that it would be a mod

    you did not !


    You’re absolutely right. He didn’t. BUT, he didn’t say that it wasn’t going to be. He just said a “team” tournament. Correct me if I’m wrong BOY, but my understanding is:

    1. It was Bandit’s idea for the tourney
    2. There was talk before about the lasermod
    3. Points 1 and 2 don’t neccessarily tie together

    To get things moving along, BOY started rallying the troops to get some teams together. Never once was it mentioned that this was going to be a mod team tourney or a main team tourney.

    @boy wrote:

    I’m pretty sure I meantioned that the mod was being developed, I’ve been suggesting for a long time that we do the lasermod, but I still dont know what mod it will be. All I know for sure is that it will be a TEAMS tournament for sure.

    Once again, this was Bandit’s idea, but BOY was helping to get teams together for when Bandit decides on the type of team tournament that he’d like. It falls back to his decision.

    Remember everyone. this is *supposed* to be fun!

    Now, having said all that…

    A round robin of mods for the tourney is an excellent idea on so many levels!

    * Shows off all the mods. This is great because this will stir up activity on the different mod servers and get other people to try these out before tourney time. Who knows? Maybe you end up with a new favorite mod, or get ideas for your own by seeing all the others.

    * It can be an equalizer. You have some players that really know a mod well, but don’t play the mains often enough to get acustomed to the old standards. This can be applied to any/all mods

    * This can actually show who the *real* Scorch teams champ is. Scorch isn’t just about the “standards”, but what’s “not” standard. In the 2+ years I’ve been playin’, I’ve seen some great advancements in the game, main and mods. But that’s the beauty of this great open source game, to have a baseline and change what you want! Incorperate ALL fascets (mods, in this case) and get a true champion of Scorch, not just Scorch/Apoc, Scorch/Jdog, etc.

    Let freedom ring, people! Let’s play ’em all! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    *gets off of the Scorched soapbox before someone flings a funky at my feet*



    i agree with you steve, but to play with open cards from the beginning would have been nice.

    i was so enthusiastic about it from the beginning, trying to get as many players as possible into the tourny.

    i did unsubscribe from my team.

    with this post i want to apologize to my team mates, i did not know about all this. i still wish you all great fun.

    this will be my last post to the tournament. i will stay out of it.



    Brain Damage

    When things will get more clear i will have to ask for people in my team if they want still to play with the new rules, for the moment i will stop asking people to get in the team since not even rules are clear now.

    I apologize for all incoveniences.




    The cards were out on the table the whole time. There wasn’t anything out there that was trying to deceive or trick anyone. I think maybe that in your enthusiasm of trying to get people to play, the point was missed that no one has decided the rules of engagement, yet. Nothing to commit ritual Seppuku over, just an oversight.

    I really wish you’d reconcider your withdrawl. No matter what modtype or who plays, this should be a blast to play.



    I am not sure exactly how this will turn out, but Mandy and BD, please dont quit, there are many posts about this tournament, and much confusion, but that being said…. there was also a hell of alot of enthusiasm, something this game needed, Mandy, you rock at teams and and the test mod, BD…..
    you just rock, you have kicked my butt on many different mods including APOC, because our time zones differ I dont get to play with you guys as much as I would like, but I do enjoy playing with you.
    PLEASE reconsider, it wont be the same without you, I was confused also, but I think in our enthusiasm we all just assumed what it would be, even me, before the tournament was even setup, there should be no hard feelings about anything, there should be just a bunch of people wanting to have fun from around the world.
    PLEASE PLEASE, dont back out, even if this turns out to be something unexpected, it is sure to be fun, and if it turns out not to be a regular teams game, one can and should be made, the tournament server has sat for so long without a tournament, we should get that boat rocking, with not just 1 tourny, but many πŸ’‘
    whatever happens I want to be a part of it, and I wish you guys would too.
    I assumed also it was going to be a regular teams game, which I am not all that good at, but I dont care, I just want to have fun, and it wont be the same without you guys, I truly mean it.
    PLEASE dont make any rash decisions.
    many people wanted to be a part of this because of you Mandy, please dont let them down, or me πŸ˜₯



    @miroslav the mighty yellow sponge wrote:

    PS.without girls it’d be not the same

    @Barn Barn wrote:

    mandy andy mandy andy

    You aren’t joining my team?

    Please join!

    – barny arny

    @spyrer wrote:

    Trust me on this people,

    as someone who has been on Mandy’s team since I met her, you want to be with here not against her.

    Be one her team or become her prey this angel has enough wraith to make Satan cower before her.

    Sign up for Mandy’s Team ( and sorry I ate the hot dogs)

    @badshot wrote:

    I joined too

    @Spamela wrote:

    Hmm that reminds me something….


    @mandy the beautiful wrote:

    ok boy,


    you mean we are the winning team.

    i can already hear the fear and see the fear in your words!!!

    be prepared


    @The DireWolf wrote:

    you have inspired too many to quit now πŸ˜‰




    I ditto the last post and others also;that said. I am a noob. Not a child,but still a noob. I know you cannot make everyone happy. But,By God-Get Organized. A lot of you so called Vet’s of Scorch are monopolizing and corrupting an otherwise great Worlwide online game. You need polls/votes
    otherwise you control and dictate. Look @ some of all of our history. You can-(as admins/servers/team leaders) make this a great time in scorch history and let the many-not the powerful few;Vote on a mod/mods
    TY for ur time…………………………….U Bet! 😯



    Viking, just know that even a noob such as yourself, can create a tournament, and I am sure it would be ok’d by Gavin, the interest in this game is why he keeps it going, he told me so himself.

    nobody meant to upset anyone, and there was much confusion yes, but it happens sometimes, this was Jdogs idea and there does’nt need to be a vote, it wouldnt hurt, but thats is the beauty of it, anyone can submit a tournament,
    I am not an admin and barely a veteran myself, but i know that the admins and true veterans of this game are good people, confusion happens, but in the end, thing usually turn out right.

    I dont know if this applies or not, but I am gonna say it anyway 😈

    @jack Nicholson as the Joker wrote:

    To make an omellete, sometimes you have to break a few eggs



    I told Boy in a PM a little while back that I didn’t think I would be able to participate in this tourny. But after my initial reaction I sat back and thought it over a bit more. It didn’t take me much thinking to realize I needed to participate in this one as well, whenever possible. They are fairly rare events and I have tryed to make appearances in all of the previous ones. So here I am, in the background, waiting for everyone to decide on how its to be played and doing what I can to help.

    I think there is definately more enthusiasm for this teams tourney than I have seen in any of the previous tournaments. The fact there are all these posts and all this confusion should speak volumes to the fact that it seems to be a bigger deal than it ever was in the past.

    It would be a shame to back out on it now after you yourselves have put work into building up the participation and excitement. Instead, why not stand your ground and advocate your position that no mod be used? If you recruit people to that side of the issue like you have done to rally the troops to play in the first place, you are likely succeed in getting a non-modded team tourney that you want.

    What I am trying to say here is, don’t give up yet! Nothing is set in stone yet and everyone is still trying to figure out the rules of engagement here. If you truly want a non-modded teams tourney then rally your troops. Make a poll, complain about it some more, just don’t give up like that. You should stand for your beliefs, not just bow out at the first sign of trouble. I’m totally fine with anything that you guys decide. I’ll be happy with any kind of teams tourney, just so long as it happens.



    Looks like we have some intrest in this tournament.

    Mandy you cant leave the tourny. Well i guess you can but it would not make me happy. The more the merrier.



    I think to have a tournament for teams and make every-thing run smooth it needs to be regalur scorch. I dont know enough about setting things up to change the mods. Unless some-one can help do that. I

    have submitted the tournament and am waiting on approval.

    Name: Team Tournament
    State: Pending Approval
    Duration: 28 May 2006 to 08 Jun 2006
    Game Mod: none
    Description: SETUP
    1 week to register teams/team names and team captains.

    1 week to add extra members, challenge other teams, and plan games.

    12 days of tournament play.
    Member Description:
    Server: to be announced
    Game Length: 1 Games, 8 Rounds, 15 Moves
    Game Rules: TEAM RULES
    There will be 4 teams

    one team captain or two co-captians for each team
    each player must log-in using thier team name or tag and join the correct team.

    password server for teams only.
    open play, 4 teams
    20 players max – 5 per team
    8 rounds per game
    15 shots per round
    Game Type: Team vs Team



    sounds great! I hope that Team 3 does not quit, that would be a downright shame.

    @viking62 wrote:

    A lot of you so called Vet’s of Scorch are monopolizing and corrupting an otherwise great Worlwide online game. You need polls/votes otherwise you control and dictate….

    sorry friend, your a bit wrong about a few things. No one is against polls as a way to decide, but you may not realize that the polls dont get viewed by enough people to make a solid decision. Also, those that do vote RARELY make a definitive choice. and if you want a poll, I’ve got a nice one for you. Just ask and I’ll make one, or better yet, YOU DO IT πŸ˜‰

    and what is going on here is not monopolizing or corrupting, what it is, is a bunch of vet’s trying to get a bunch of noobs to get together and all have fun blasting each other.



    Boy; I did not post to offend. Moreso to end turmoil. I read previous posts
    and to me there were power struggles πŸ˜‰ We can and will have a good (my 1st) tournament. A lot of us really appreciate all the work that you guys do to make all this possible! Too bad some have quit and won’t come back. I do not want to be rude-but,pls try to get those players back.
    I look forward to seeing U in my sights…………..Thanks & GGames 2u

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