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    I loaded the new file, but still the infinite weaps were a no show πŸ˜•
    any ideas, maybe I set something wrong?
    I deleted the old file and replaced it with the new one,



    Snagged files off your server and had a look. The tags are not there for some reason. I know they are there in the accessories.xml in the archive I posted. Make sure you don’t have two copies of the mod or something strange like that (one in your .scorched3d/mods folder and one in your scorched3d/globalmods folder). If you do, remove one of them.

    If that is not the case. Try manually adding -1 below armslevel on the weapons you want to be infinite. Replace -1 with whatever number you want to give for batts, chutes and fuel.



    I know this sounds strange, but I extracted the accerories file only from the same file, and replaced the one I was using with it, and it worked?
    I took it from the same file, which makes no sense to me at all, i only had one laser mod folder also, either way thank you very very much πŸ˜€



    What is going on this post was to cut down on the confusion…. 😯 😯 😯 😯 Ok i will pick a team mod!!! As you all know i love the small weapons mod that boy has put together… hinit hint… I will post a tournament some time this week. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€



    take the tests weapon sever into consideration too.

    it got the best voting on here !!! and its a great mod!!!

    but i thought we use just regular game? no?



    ok question

    why do you use a mod???

    i actually thought we use the regular scorched on tournament server.

    i dont think its fair to pick just one, either use them all or none.




    yeah, its confusing to learn to all work together πŸ˜›

    its up to Irishbandit, he’s the one posting the tournament, of course I love small weapons mod, its teh best challenge if good players are in. If we didn’t use a mod, then I would hope we would change the prices of the regular game.

    Trust your feelings, bandit!



    i dont think thats right honestly but i will wait and see what irish is going to do.

    i did not know that u r planning on using a mod.

    after the votes in the forums players like the test server most.

    of course the *oldies* like the small weapons or the roof mod most. its hard to get the tastes of all together.

    thats why i believe the reg. game should be it.

    as i said i will wait and see how irish decides …..




    If there was going to be a vote on it then there should need to be a new poll, test mod had 11 ppl vote for it, but we dont even know who all of them are. We would need a poll to know what mod people want for this tournament.

    one thing though, IMO would be better to pick a mod that is familiar to everyone. Apoc is good pick, its globalmod, Nearly all weapons in smallweapons mod are familiar to any player. For test mod many players have not played it much, they dont know it too well.

    no mod is of course fine with me, but I only got the ideas flowing, I’m making suggestions, I leave the details up to others this time.



    *in his best Ian McKellen voice*


    oops, this isn’t the LOTR forum?

    Either way, it was Bandit’s idea for the tourney. What ever he chooses it fine.

    To be honest, if we’re really doing this for fun, I tend to agree with BOY by using Apoc. It’ll break a little of the monontany of the main server.

    Just an opinion. πŸ™„ [/i]



    of course it should be for fun, but i believe most players think its regular scorched, no mod. i did not know about this before today….

    boy, you know my opinion about polls…..*no more comments to that*

    i dont think its a good idea to use any mod, if apoc, test or small weapon…

    but dont worry about me, i just dont have to play the tournament when i dont like it.

    so bandit, as boy said, do as you feel like and as you think is right, i will accept it




    your actting as if this is unfair for using a mod or someting, did you tell your team there was no mod. Or did you simply ask them to join. They didn’t know either way whether there is a mod or not, did they? It was not even decided yet. Its just not possible to make all those decisions and inform everyone at that time.

    *tap tap tap, where is bandit! :P*



    no boy, its ok, dont worry

    i told everyone there is going to be a TEAM TOURNAMENT. its going to be fun.

    i did not know, no one knew its going to be a MOD TOURNAMENT!!

    you did not let us know boy!!

    BD and i did ask you in the pm we did send you, but you did not answer us.

    i told players to join the TEAM TOURNAMENT.

    but as i said, dont worry, i will sit back from now on and wait until the decisions are made. i will not *as big fish said to me nag* NAG anymore players to join any teams.




    …. it would have been nice to know that it would be a mod team tourny ;-(

    but i honestly did not know.

    i figured it would be on the tournament server, maybe that was a real blond moment.

    i apologize for the wrong thinking of mine!!!




    😑 😑 😑 😑 😑

    I dont understand you sometimes.

    I’m pretty sure I meantioned that the mod was being developed, I’ve been suggesting for a long time that we do the lasermod, but I still dont knew what mod it will be. All I know for sure is that it will be a TEAMS tournament for sure.

    If you are unhappy about this and you think you and brain’s team will not be happy about also having a mod, then please feel free to quit, or make a new team or a poll, or anything you want, nothing is for sure except one thing


    I think it would be sad if you did not play it because it was not your favorite mod though, I will play it no matter what mod is picked.

    Shit, we can make it even more than one mod, one mod for one week and one mod for another week, or hell, lets make it all the mods, why limit ourselves to two.

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