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    Hi Peanut’s Revenge :

    The players don’t appear to be staging
    a revolt or attacking you in any manner.

    Therefore, unlike Chopper, I do not understand
    your frustration at all. Get a grip lad, stand tall.

    Whatever it takes, I hope you will see this through
    for your own sake. Work hard, make yourself proud.

    Endeavor to persevere.

    I must go destroy the world now. Krieg ohne Hass


    Generalfeldmarschall Erwin J. E. Rommel


    Laptops Daddy

    god damn it. im really not the tournament hosting type. i dont have time for this ***t. im not sure i even remember how to compile s3d for mysql stats.

    ok. if theres no other option, ill host the server. youll have to give me some time to get it set up. but someone else (xtc?) is going to have to step in to do the organising and administration, keeping score or whatevertf.

    please dont spam me wth messages. i rarely check them and they go straight to my spam email anyway. ill reply if i see them, but you should expect rudeness. (and not the kind that makes you feel warm and gooe… ok – thats not appropriate

    can we move this away from the news section please?

    dont be too hard on peanuts revenge. i know he put a lot of effort into this tournament thing. im sure he has his reasons.

    @xtc wrote:

    Could you forward this stuff to or to Laptops Daddy please. Your PM option is disabled.



    I can take it but the server part.

    Anyway, it shouldnt be thing causing too much trouble to anyone. There is another option: if there is anybody capable of running the server and willing to help us, please let us know.



    Hi PR :

    Hang in there. If you have to, start declaring forfiets
    but don’t give in and don’t give up. This is your show
    to run, take charge and get things going. It’s not an
    impossible task, you just need rules in stone that you
    are willing to enforce. Declaring a few forfiets would
    be much less disruptive than quitting and might leave
    you feeling better than tossing in the towel.

    To The Competitors :

    Instead of accepting PR’s offer so quickely, a little support
    for his efforts might get things back on track with the least
    amount of effort and trouble for all concerned.

    Whatever the problems have been, they don’t seem to
    justify upsetting the board after the game has already
    started. Give him a hand and help out where you can.

    To Me :

    Someone is going to correctly tell you that
    this is none of your business. What do you
    say to that? Preemptively speaking … The
    reply would have to be that they are correct.

    To Someone :

    You can save it, you have my reply.



    i agree with rommel regarding this issue. as for as my personal opinion tourny is going great and peanut has done lot of work . it is bound to cross stipulated time line for two reasons. 1- most of the scorched addicts work somewhere so only weekend is the only option to play. 2- as ppl from different continent r in team so often time constraint. still i feel this is splendid . if peanut has some very personal reason then nothing can be said, otherwise he should make this tourny complete. after all it is pr show and he has done very good job.



    The tournament is ready to go on.

    The server is up and teams can schedule the further matches.

    Dear participants, if you have any questions about the tournament your team captains can’t help with, please contact me directly.


    Laptops Daddy

    further information follows…

    the team tournament server password has changed. we need to test a little bit to be sure the stats transfers have taken effect.

    the password will revert to same as before, soon as we’re sure everthings cool and plans are finalised for administration.

    new tournament matches should be scheduled for, lets say: 04/08/2009 23:00 UTC at the earliest.

    thanks for your patience.

    (and thanks xtc)



    I was surprised to hear from some captains that they don’t schedule matches “because server is not working yet”. This information of unknown source is incorrect. Everything has been tested already and is ready to go, mistaken events are cleared out from the stats.

    Time to arrange and play more matches!



    I will be a bit busy for this week…work + parents coming over to stay…but if I get some free time around the same time as my team mates, I will join in to play. I have pm-ed my team mates about my unavailability….hope they will try to organize some matches…



    Hey CHOP???????

    Parasiti and/or Bazz will play with us.
    READ THIS Floridian dooode!!!!!

    Lets Play!!



    My email is

    I check every hour….



    Ib here whereu bee?


    pastor of muppets

    Haven’t even read Nuts post where he says he is done with this tourney but I feel his frustration. I would suggest we have some time slots allotted and games for team a and team b scheduled then give captains time to respond. We all begged for a tourney then we sat back and waited…and waited…and waited. The first week Outer was away and I was sub-captain could not get anyone to commit to a match for shit. I suggest a deadline and forfeit consequences then let’s move to the next stage. Come on guys this is just a game but it is also a commitment we made to be there for this tourney.


    pastor of muppets

    Ah I have now read the post and do sense some shit talking don’t blame nut for what he did. Not at all. Nut I apologize for not getting things done faster and thank you for hosting and organizing this tourney.



    I should be able to play any time now. As of last Wednesday I am self employed (out of work for back problems). If I can set in the chair for more than a half hour we can play.

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