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    @ AW you mentioned I was using the wrong model, I noticed that when I go to your server that the model I use is not remembered, so each time I log on I have to go to the cannon menu to get to it, I did’nt want you to think I do not appreciate you making this, I am usually in a hurry when I see players so I just grabbed the one on the main folder.

    I thought I would throw another request if you get bored……

    A godzilla model would be spectacular with the flamethrower….
    just a thought.

    A Mech Warrior might be cool too



    If you join other servers, such as Merge or main it will not remember your tank model correctly. I do not have any of the defaults in my mod. Usually global defaults will always be remebered when available. They are not in my mod.

    Idk wellsee.. very busy atm.


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