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    Since nobody brought this up yet and everyone seems to notice. There seems to be a problem with the random placement of the tanks on the maps. Very often the tanks are placed very close to one another and more often then not there are tanks that are placed practicly right on top of each other. Can anything be done about this?



    Me personally, I don’t mind if tanks are placed close to eachother if it is truly by chance. Which would mean the entire map is one big spawn spot. But it does seem to happen too often for that to be the case.



    It does seem like the startcloseness value gets ignored sometimes and tanks are placed closer to each other than they should be able to. Seems like that has happened for quite a while. Not unlike the fact that placements that use snapping can still be placed too close/on top of eachother, ignoring their mincloseness and border type tags (airfield map in OpScorch, planes are placed multiple times on top of eachother as evidenced by TargetDetails).

    I’ve also found that tanks can spawn outside of their masked areas sometimes. Has always happened on riflerange in OpScorched from time to time since I first made the map. I always figured this was related to the smallness of the tank placement areas on that map though.

    Anyways, here’s a little diagram that pretty muchs shows all of this happening at once (minus the starting mask thing). 😛

    You might say, use direct placement or that is a lot of , but I like the randomness of the mask placement and if I use less, there will be more gaps in the line of fighters (not so bad) but still will be overlap so it defeats the purpose.



    The placement code tries to place the tanks so many times, if it cannot it place them it starts lowering the replacement requirements until the tanks are placed.

    I guess it could try more times before lowering the requirements.



    I’m not sure if you looked into this, but its still occurring very frequently (3 or 4 maps a game). It is most annoying on large maps with a few people playing. All 4 or 5 of the tanks are crammed onto a small hill while the rest of the map goes unused (or one lucky tank gets spawned on the opposite side of the map and just has to wait for the carnage).

    Much more rarely, I’ve seen tanks spawn underwater on the exact corner of a map.



    Example that i like.

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