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    Second Box Example

    Same box as before but textured (all 4 texture attributes set to red a mid red rgb(102,0,0))
    and added a second box with a texture.




    Excellent, Thanks Cam!

    That should help quite a bit. I took a quick gander at them (funny how files like that become somewhat readable after you spend some time with them;) – I’ll paly around with this in the morning, right now I have some random acts of madness to perform. 😉




    Well, I have a functioning script now – I can export models to the MS3D format – mostly. No provision for textures yet, and there’s something else messed up that I cannot quite pin down.

    Cam (or anyone who has some exp. with 3D stuff), could you try out this simple “tank”?

    It all works okay – except it has invisible faces. At first I thought it was a problem with the normals – but I have pretty well convinced myself that the normals are correct. Something tells my my uv coords are all messed up (I’ve never really had to do much with UV coords – so my knowledge here is a bit slim)

    Any thoughts on the problems on the faces?





    The face visibility is also derived from the winding of the vertices.
    Its a little bit compilcated, see here for more info :-



    Thanks Gavin, I have a feeling you hit the nail on the head. When I first got the script outputing the vertices in the correct format, I noticed that the order was different, but dismissed it as unimportant.

    Checking out the link.

    Thanks again, I think you saved me a TON of time!




    Gavin, you’re the man! That’s exactly what’s going on. I manually adjusted a few triangles that were invisible to a counter-clockwise direction, and they now display perfectly.

    Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to handle that in the script. 😉

    Thank you SO much – this is great, I’m learning a ton of new things!

    [edit] That’s fixed now – the blocks are solid! 😉 Now on to materials![/edit]



    hey all,

    i dont understand the post about blender being hard to use. it might be hard for a noob to pick up and run with if he’s never worked on 3d projects, but it’d be easy for anybody that understand the 3d modeling/texturing/lighting process. i dont think its any harder for noobs to pick up blender than it is to pick up any of these other 3d software packages…

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