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    @jdog wrote:

    @cbx550f wrote:

    We still need the tanks.xml file, as it supplies more information than just the model definition (texture file for ase models, tanktype, etc)

    Personally, I think having a customtanks.xml file in the .scorched3d user directory would be great, and then put a tanks/ directory there with all of the custom tanks.

    maybe like this:

    Still the problem is that not eveyone know how to update the xml file used for the tanks. Some people want it dumbed down to where all you have to do is drop some files in to the right place and beable to use the new model with out editing anything.

    That was actually the intent of the above. The tanks in the customtanks/tanks.xml would be tanks that are added to the original tanks.xml, such that a user could simply install a “tankpack” to his own user directory without editing anything nor need for permissions that they may not have.
    If this could be done by an automatic installer, all the better.
    We would need at least two installers – one for Windows, and one for Unix. (Would need a separate one for MacOS? Don’t think so… should be, at worst, a “case” in the Unix installer)



    Why do we need an installer?

    My idea is that easy model is its own xml file used like the large file just one for each tank. This would make it so all a person would have to do to add new tanks is download a compressed file uncompress it and put the file/folder in the tanks folder.


    Brain Damage

    we already have an s3m file format for mods, i guess the easiest way is just to make an s3t file format for tankpacks, the tankpack will be automatically installed in the proper location. (i like the user folder idea too)

    on a fairly offtopic note: since on unix-based systems the avatar folder is not writeable neither, how about to make also a custom avatar folder in the users folder? (also that way all the files that a person would need to backup/copy would be all in the same subfolder)
    (it’s also very likely that different users will have different avatars)



    I agree with BD on those suggestions. Tis a pain to have to remember to backup my avatars (system wide) folder before any upgrade on FreeBSD.



    The s3m format is of no value, I don’t think, as you wouldn’t be able to use it with any online game or any single player mod



    I think BrainDamage means to use a format like the s3m to compress the tankpack and have the game uncompress it to the correct spot.



    Ooops, sorry missed that. 😉

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