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    Greetings,i suppose i was banned today…Looks like I was banned because few person posted here by 1 messages and tell about me so bad things(bad language,bad nicknames,bad id and other stuff).First of all bad language on this server have others too ,but they i suppose not banned…But i got my bad language because some high ranked persons play not fairly on server.If on the sever too many childrens heard my bad language-sorry,but i cant speak gently to players who cheat or make not fairly game…I will not enumerate all not fairly moments of their game,because it is too long.If main reason of my ban is my language-i promise NoMore use chat in game,just give me chance.So i just ask this is permanent or temporal ban? Best regards,waiting of your resolution of this question.
    ps. Sorry my bad english,i know it too poor 🙂



    Hey Mok,

    I can only speak from my viewpoint, but the fowl language was really getting on the nerves. There really isn’t any need to use those kinds of words whether there were kids online or full grown adults.

    I think I can speak for the biggest part of us in saying that we take great offense to being called “cheaters”. The top 25 or so playersl have been playing quite a while and take pride in the skill ( or lack thereof when I fire off the ol’ deathhead) If you feel that anyone is cheating, search the forums and see if anyone else has brought up these issues. What you may think is cheating could just be someone that knows how to use what they have. To simply start mouthing off about parts of the anatomy, ask and learn.

    I’ve played in several games with you. You got skill, but it really turns people away when that kind of language is used.

    Hopefully, it’ll be a tempory ban.

    Just between you and me, I think Poolee cheats, too. 😉


    hoopy frood

    First of all…funny how his english is so bad all of a sudden. He never had any trouble with his verbosity before. Even this post is a total dig at us(players). He thinks this is funny,so be it. We all know there are no rules except to keep things friendly and clean.
    Code of conduct sometimes between players…yes.
    He was warned many times.

    This will be my last post on this subject because I know he feeds off of the attention.

    I’m glad he was canned…….for now.




    @nomoresteve wrote:

    Just between you and me, I think Poolee cheats, too. 😉

    Hey, I paid damned good money for this AimBot Pro v10.22.45.12… how can I be cheating if such a tool exists?

    I reckon Steve’s jealous cos he can only afford the AimBot Free Version… 🙁


    Seriously though, Mok, I get pissed off sometimes, especially when I make stoopid shots, or get killed after trying for 5 goes to kill smeone else… but about the worst I’ve said is bugger. In some churches that might be considered very bad, but not in the church of Scorched3D. It’s effective, it conveys feelings, and it rolls off the keyboard quite nicely. So F and C words are not needed or welcomed. Please, tone it down, and try and relax a little, eh!


    Apollo Tangent

    Those who learn how to keep their mouths shut…

    Won’t have to pucker their lips to kiss Butt!
    You came through as being totally sincere about the nasty things you were saying about peoples Mothers… Moke, maybe you should get some advice from your’s!
    There were other personal insults which don’t have to be aired in the forum.

    As far as cheating goes, it was you who was double logging to place a decoy… (((Yan))) and get two shots in on people. So I’m not sorry… I can get rude as well but I’m pretty sure that when I do, people know I’m just poking them in the ribs.

    P.S. Aimbot? I’m surprised the rest of you still use it…

    I think the ZenithVectoring tool works much better than Aimbot…. I picked off cbx at 51 degrees and 860 power with a baby missle force 5 wind… I forgot what sheild he was using, but I know he had his chutes on because I heard him pull his rip-cord. There was a witness to this but I forget who it was… Ask cbx though and he’ll verify it. 😈



    i’ve actually had my vocabulary expanded by mokelok, and he seems quite proficient with it. Odd to be college level nasty and have only an elementary command of the rest of the language. But still, with all the cussing and swearing and raping of my dead mom last night, I never heard any complaint about cheating or unfairness fomr moke until this thread. By all means, if there is an instance of cheating or unfairness, post it so it can be addressed. Just make sure it’s not one of these:
    @ebonite² wrote:

    I was cheating because I did not take damage when I fell.
    (I was using parachutes)
    I was cheating because my health regenerated.
    (I was using batteries)
    I was cheating because my weapon hit nowhere near their tank and the hole still appeared under them.
    (I was using diggers)
    I was cheating because I had over $50k/$75k/$100k/$200k.
    (I was using interest)
    I was cheating because my shot hit them and theirs was blown off course.
    (I was using wind)
    I was cheating because their shots bounced off me.
    (I was using a reflective type shield)
    I was cheating because my shots were going through the walls.
    (I was using the yellow buoy walls)
    I was cheating because I wasn’t missing as much as they were.
    (I was using that modicum of skill I possess)
    I was cheating because random piles of dirt were appearing on them and not me.
    (I was using various dirt weapons)
    I was cheating because my tank was moving out of the way.
    (I was using fuel)

    Most of us top players are very helpful and nice, when we’re not being cussed at. If you have a question or a problem, asking is better than swearing.

    (Ooh, that last sentence was good. Someone should add it to the help file…)



    Yes you have been banned. I wouldn’t normally but I’ve been keeping an eye on the logs and some pretty bad stuff has been going on.

    Whether it is permanant or temporary is up to the other players, after all it is them you have to play with.



    Hello Admin. I recognize my fault.But besides the conversations I also played on the server,and many people know me as a good player.It is very pity,but almost no one reads forum,in order to confirm this.So make this temporary blocking as last warning to me,and no one more will be insult I promise.. 🙄

    ps.In the recent days some players specially teased me,so that i would begin to be scolded.This was done specially for that,so that in the logs this would be fixed 😕

    Make your selection,will neglect Skynet?
    Y / N ???



    You say it’s your fault and then go on to make excuses why you acted this way.

    As for no one reading the forums, look at the times this topic has been viewed. You can definately kill people but whether that makes you a ‘good player’ is a different matter. In fact I’ll tell this to anyone I meet on the server that you said this, and see how many come to your defense.

    As for teasing you. The only time you have been attacked is when you attack someone else 1st verbally. And yes you have been singled out to be killed, this is to learn you a little humility (can’t see it working though).

    What got me most though is not that you attacked senior players, we can look after ourselves and give back as much as you give out. It’s the attacks on new players just starting the game who are hurled a torrent of abuse. They’ve come on here just to play a game, not to get slagged off by some prat.

    If as you say, you just want to play the game, then do that. Calm down a bit, just have a laugh and a joke same as the rest of us, not the abuse that you started with. You’ll probably find we’re not authoritarians that are trying to control you. If you can’t handle this, there’s plenty more games out there and you know what u can do.

    And if you do accept fault, then take the blame like a man. Don’t make excuses or pass the blame onto someone else.



    @xal wrote:

    You say it’s your fault and then go on to make excuses why you acted this way.


    And if you do accept fault, then take the blame like a man. Don’t make excuses or pass the blame onto someone else.

    HERE HERE!!!

    Take some responsibility for your actions man!



    I reckon Steve’s jealous cos he can only afford the AimBot Free Version… Sad

    Hey, that freeware has gotten you enough times. You had to pay for something that you’d use in a FREEWARE game? Me sad? HA! 😆 Just kiddin’, Poolee.

    I think the ZenithVectoring tool works much better than Aimbot….

    Thanks Apollo, this’ll work much better than Aimbot freeware. But should you really be sharing that secret with the rest of us?. 😉

    (Ooh, that last sentence was good. Someone should add it to the help file…)

    Here you go, Ebo. A new sig just for you….. 😉



    I do not understand that from me still is required,I will be unblocked or not?However, i promised not to more offend paris and others also…or Mokelok left not conquered,as Lennox Lewis ?



    You just don’t get it do you. You need to know contrition, remorse, humility. Stick them into a translator if you want to know what they mean.

    We need more than you saying sorry, we need to believe it as well.



    how about an apology to the player population with a promise not to do it again, knowing that another ban will happen if no improvement is seen. and there would have to be a LOT of improvement.

    I for one would like to know what he feels is cheating and playing unfairly. IF there is a legitimate claim, it should be explored and, if possible, remedied.



    …And then it will be brought upon the Scorched 3D Supreme Court where random jurors will be chosen.

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