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    Crispy Critter

    @acid22 wrote:

    When I visited the States I was constantly in fear of the ‘Black Funnel Webbed Sabre Toothed Spiderbear’ that can kill you just by looking at you. I think they live in the middle of tornado’s & particularly like to eat shopkeepers 😉

    Hmmm… one of those would be a very nice pet to have when playing NetHack.


    pastor of muppets

    I have some other cool weather vids but they are on vhs if I ever get some time I will convert them and post them.


    pastor of muppets

    Here is a quickie Mrs. took on her kodak easy share.



    Forget about Manbearpig or Black Funnel Webbed Sabre Toothed Spiderbear, the real badass is the Australian Dropbear.

    This article may be Overly Australian. Pommies may not understand funny stuff, only humour.



    @xtc wrote:

    I always knew that all people could be divided into three categories: those who can count and those who can’t.

    You really should watch Southpark more often 🙂



    @pastor of muppets wrote:

    Here is a quickie Mrs. took on her kodak easy share.

    Regular weather front.


    pastor of muppets

    No Hyde the vid doesn’t do it justice. It was a fast moving wall cloud that dropped about 10 tornadoes in our area. It was a pretty exciting day.

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