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    Dear Scorched 3D Lovers :

    Rommel has temporaily returned to do battle on the main server.

    Super Shooter Sunday will remain in effect until I can no longer
    stay awake or until it becomes obvious that this was a bad idea.

    In light of the upcoming release, the ability to think fast and
    shoot by eye will be critical to everyone’s success. With this
    in mind, I am currently hosting a game on the main server to
    encourage thinking fast and shooting by eye.

    Chart shooting will be most difficult.

    Those desiring honest Rommel kills in their stats are eagerly awaited.
    Those desiring to be honestly killed, are even more eagerly awaited.
    Super Shooter Sunday may be your only available opportunity.

    Upon my retirement, the settings will be reruned to the
    previous settings. Until then, I have assumed control.

    I must go destroy the world now. Krieg ohne Hass


    Generalfeldmarschall Erwin J. E. Rommel



    Sorry, modifying the gravity is something that doesn’t appeal to me.Besides,You’ll just resign before anyone can shoot ya.

    Have fun on what used to be a fun server for the rest of us.



    You must have me confused with someone else.
    Rommel either survives or fights to death.
    He does not resign.



    your retiring?



    😆 Rommel, you take your multiple IDs too seriously. I hope you don’t actually live out the characters in real life. 🙂


    pastor of muppets

    Honestly the changes were quite fun. I enjoyed it but was a completely different pace than I was used to.



    I begrudging played it and I couldn’t get myself to quit playing. I agree with POM and it was a nice change of pace.

    I enjoyed the gravity changing. Too bad it didn’t change every round and nobody could find out where the setting was at. (Rom was good at telling everybody where the setting was at) That way everybody would have to check there distance on the first shot. But then dam Ai would rule then and we can have that.



    Thank you to those that have posted. All of you, pro or con.

    It has been great fun hosting the first session of Super Shooter Sunday.
    Although I am growing quite weary, I am still awake and ready to play.
    Those that haven’t played today, are encouraged to log on soon.

    The suggestion offered by HWB (gravity on round) is easy to implement.
    The object today was not to make the game difficult but to make it fun.

    That was my only goal.

    Having received several positive responses in the game, I feel this
    attempt at having fun has been a success. However, as promised,
    the settings will be reverting back to the way they were when I exit.

    If you want a Rommel kill to log in your stats you need to hurry.



    Hi Raden :

    Come see me.

    @raden wrote:

    😆 Rommel, you take your multiple IDs too seriously. I hope you don’t actually live out the characters in real life. 🙂

    I’m waiting on you.

    I must get some sleep soon. Krieg ohne Hass

    Best wishes,

    Generalfeldmarschall Erwin J. E. Rommel

    P.S. – Multiple personalites ???
    You’re starting to sound like Dr. Brainbender.

    Those other guys aren’t me, they just use my machine.
    They are much too serious to have the fun I’ve had today.

    P.P.S. – Actually there is one … you’ll have to figure which though.



    Maybe a 24 hour marathon next time …

    The Main Server settings have been restored
    to the previous settings and tested.

    I had a blast, getting blasted, with you all but …

    I must go destroy the world now. Krieg ohne Hass


    Generalfeldmarschall Erwin J. E. Rommel



    If I made a mistake about you being another name on the server then I am truly sorry. I probably should have stayed around longer before you arrived. The gravity had already been adjusted by Boy. I saw your post in forums after I threw my hands up in frustration and moved to another server.

    Having said that….heres a thought. Why are we dead set in turning Main into some kind of MOD server for existing players enjoyment?

    Main has opened up to noobs, Main has had vicious bots added,can you imagine arriving as a noob player and walking into the middle of the likes of expericenced players and bloodthirsty bots having a major free for all under changed (or as HW proposed,constantly changing gravity) gravity.

    Talk about something that would run a new player off…..that would scare me off for sure.

    i’m being sincere here not sarcastic…I just think back as we all should. What attracted us to the game…the simplicity and the fun.

    As your skills build sure you want more of a challenge….I thought thats what mods were for….please ditch the bots, leave the gravity alone and go build a mod server for this kind of fun. Good name would be “Bots Gone Wild”….lol.

    Just my .02.




    That sounds like a good mod for Kangabunny.
    Babes in bikinis as the bots !

    Great Idea!

    It was just a tempory game to see if we
    could still say good shot and really mean it.

    I did, several times.

    Someone made me jump when they killed me. I hadn’t
    done that in a long time. It felt good to be surprised.

    No harm, no foul on that Kilroy (AKA – Lemmor) guy.
    I’ve been told he resembles me somewhat. An honest
    mistake I’m sure.

    Give Frank a belly rub for me.




    In game POM mention if we had that game attributes in main for a long haul, withh the quick firing and changing gravity it would nice or necessary to had implemented the 50-100 kills on beginners server.

    But I also want to take it one step further. You know Kangas post about the servers. I would think……Rom Settings would be the elite server and be the most fun. And then all the chart users could happily play on the main which would make everybody happy. 😉

    For my saying about the constant changing gravity, I thought more about this after I went to bed. I still agree with what I said but the game change for the buying maybe needing buy fuel or teleports just to get a shot off when the gravity is high. How would we know what we needed to buy before the first shot. And other window :shock:.

    But the game did make me want to dirt myself at times. #-o But I still say if you want to dirt….go to Thrax’s servers.



    To check the gravity before making purchases :

    Press R
    Select the Rules Tab
    Gravity is close to the top.
    Gravity display is updated each round.
    Gravity can only be changed on the round.

    Shop Smart … Shop S-Mart !



    I figured it was that easy 😉

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