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    I finally got around to ripping all (or most) the sounds from Super Mario Bros and I just finished implementing them into Scorched so try ’em and tell me what you think.

    Things to remember:

    1) One sound is not from Super Mario Bros. but still from an NES game and that’s the sound for Napalm. There wasn’t appropriate sound for it so I improvised and ripped the “noise” channel only on one of the songs from Duck Hunt.

    2) The 1up sound doesn’t sound very good in 11kz but there is nothing I can do about it because Scorched will only play at that frequency.

    3) If you miss a turn (whether it’s buying or on the battlefield) there is a chance that a couple of sounds will overlap so don’t miss your turns.

    I tried to replace ALL sounds from Scorched so if you hear an original let me know.



    Aren’t there some legal issues distributing files copyrighted by nintendo ? Or any other company, actually ?


    Apollo Tangent

    Yes that might be the case, if you rip them for distribution for profit. So see the copyrights.

    I found the boing files on a cartoon wav files site, since those are used globaly among so many cartoons, I’m not sure that an audio signature can be accomplisehed to determine their origin. Hence it’s a matter of being property of the public domain.

    If you find them on the internet on a legitimate site, I’m pretty sure they can be claimed as being in the public domain.

    If you distribute them (for profit) is an entirely different subject as well.

    If they were for sale, per se; It would be an infringement on the copyrights.

    For other wav files it just may be the advertising needed to pique interest into seeing a certain movie let’s say…

    I wonder why everyone is enthralled with (the) sound byte… maybe I’ll rent the movie… [ That generates royalties ]. Hence free advertising.
    So let’s look at the subject in a different form as well.

    Pong came out when I was 15 or so… (I’m 42 now). We got it on the original telstar game. Although the sounds used in the game were primitive, I doubt that if those sounds were used in another game, it would be grounds for a lawsuit, particularly due to the many years “theoreticaly” that it has been circulated.

    In horror movies we hear a creaking door sound… nobody can claim rights to that sound. Hence it’s been used in many a movie.

    So to protect yourself, a file can be modified somewhat and called “Mario-esque” in nature, get my drift?

    On another note, the files I found from 2 movies have been altered. If you see the movie Apocalypse now, Colonel Kilgore doesn’t say, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning, smells like victory”.

    He says, (in the movie) “You smell that? Do you smell that? (surfer, “what”?) Napalm Son, Nothing else in the world smells like that. I love the smell of napalm in the morning, ya know one time we had a “hill bombed” (heloborne op/ with air support) for twelve hours and when it was all over, I walked up, we didn’t find one of them, not one stinking dink body, but the smell… you know that gasoline smell… The whole hill. Smelled like Victory. Some day this war is going to end.

    The movie viewers mind has percieved his comments in an encapsulated form. As: I love the smell of napalm in the morning, smells like victory.

    When it first came out everyone was a buzz about; I love the smell of napalm in the morning, smells like victory. I think SNL even did a little spoof on it.



    Apollo Tangent

    I’ll cite a few examples… If I may; some aren’t accurate and some are.

    The first one is a misqoute from the movie and is politically biased. As is the last.

    And more accurately;

    A monologue from war movie Apocalypse Now has been voted the best speech in cinema history in a movie fans’ poll.

    And one more… scroll down just a little bit.

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning from Hyscience
    I love that comment almost as much as I love this picture. I also love the smell of napalm in the morning – it smells like victory. Lt. Col. Bill Kilgore would be proud. The war is just about over and the Dummycrats have shot themselves in the foot.

    A classic movie has found itself in popular culture and the scene is mis-percieved once again.



    Apollo Tangent

    Now in DeathStryker’s defense, I’d like you to quickly browse this link that I found.



    I’m not gonna worry about it and this is why:

    1) We’ve all done illegal things before whether it be a traffic violation or Windows 98 telling you so.

    2) The most they’d probably do is tell me to take them down.

    3) I’m not making money off of it or claiming that they are mine so they really have no reason to tell me to do anything.

    4) Nintendo doesn’t really care anymore what you do with their older games whether it be ROMS or sounds.

    5) These sounds are so basic that there really is no way to copyright them. NES sound isn’t capable of much thus a lot of times other developers would have to use sounds that sound very much the same (at least in the earlier part of the NES’s life) so it really wouldn’t have been cool for Nintendo to copyright them when other developers would have to use practically the same sound.

    Don’t worry guys. It’s not like FBI agents are gonna show up at your doorstep or anything.

    BTW, Apollo, I wish I had seen those sounds before.



    Ok guys. Just get sure not to post attached material on that forum that could be not free.

    Last thing we want is Gavin getting sued for hosting copyrighted material.



    Bah, they’d ask us to take it down before they sued us. That’s usually the first step. And I’ll take responsibility for it.

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