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    Apollo Tangent

    I aggree with many of the points badshot has made.

    The shields are not lame.

    The shield test mod has made the shields too strong though.

    There was a little bit of a learning curve that occurred. That’s not uncommon though. It happened with the money factor for the longest time. Now almost everyone who has some experience behind them has a better grasp on how to manage their monies.

    The ton of dirt weapon should probably be made more expensive, since it has now become a “poor man’s shield”. Or maybe it should be eliminated.

    The shield test should be reverted back to the normal strength.

    The water movement restriction should be lifted as well.

    The “Shrewd Players” will always find a way to “capitolize” on the playing environment either way though.

    It’s not hard to see that there are a handful of players that use a variety of (formulas) or (strategies) to be successful “in game”. It would be better to have a more level playing field especially for the new players who join in, after all, I think most of us would like the community to grow.

    Perhaps Gavin could seek advice from those handful of players to get their opinions on how to make the environment more balanced for the novices.

    I would certainly agree to participate in such a study.




    @Apollo Tangent wrote:

    Perhaps Gavin could seek advice from those handful of players to get their opinions on how to make the environment more balanced for the novices.

    Want my opinion? Have the newbies RTFM and the guide I wrote. (Still working on revamping it, AT, these new newbies are totally frickin’ clueless.) I am tired of trying to explain what the walls mean, how money works, why shields look different, why someone didn’t die (You MISSED, Moron!), and you need to press the SPACEBAR in order to make your shot. I played a game back in 1995 that required a certain amount of “clue” in order to play, and if a new person did not exhibit that “clue” within 30 seconds, they were kicked from the game. Yes, keep waxing poetic about how 2D was “tha bomb” when you played it “back in the day”, meanwhile the rest of us are drumming our fingers because the 40 second timer is counting down and you haven’t made your shot yet.



    This has been said before but, we need a noob server really (without stats). They don’t stand much of chance against some of those guys on the official servers and nobody has the time to tell them how to play.


    Apollo Tangent

    I’m totally ready to provide pages on the E-zine A “Knowledge Base” is needed for the newbies for sure.

    I think there may be about 30 – 50 people per week who might play online and then get discouraged by never playing again because of being “smacked” by the knowledgable players.

    I think that one solution may be that on the start up menu, there could be a button to click for the knowledge base or tutorial.

    I don’t know if Soupie would be up for making a few mini movies for instructional videos on;

    How to use the (a) aim key. to adjust for wind.

    POV aiming at near flat trajectory (by distance).

    Proper use of wall shots for Bouncy and Warp walls, the latter He could maybe describe how Warp Grid comes into play for those shots.

    A few other mini vids could be made as well on money management and Weapon’s properties.

    I know that Soupie has a very busy schedule. I rarely see Him online.
    My schedule has changed as well. I think I can find the time to whip out a few pages for the KB though.

    The main goal of course is to draw more people into the community. I think there are many newbies that overlokk the fact that threre is a forum… 😥

    Ebo, Cbx might be able to find time to work with you on a KB if you and anybody else will dedicate some time and volunteer to do it.

    Kind Regards, Awaiting your input,




    @badshot wrote:

    It’s complete lie that “without shield, DHs, and funkies games will last longer”. I tried starting baby missile only server. It was quite rare, actually, for game to last 12 moves. (aside of cases when everyone is damaged) After not that much time, everyone starts shooting lot better. As about fun for newbies, heck… with shields, newbies have almost zero chances to kill somebody, except for DHs.

    as about hiding under ton-of-dirt, it is not against rules, but everybody shooting everything at this tons of dirt is not against rules as well. 😆 (Heck, I myself _buried_ people under dirt to kill them easier.) Also, it is not against rules for everyone to make an anti-shield megatruce and kill anybody with shield first.:lol:

    But my point is not that current server must be changed, just that it would be good to have another server with light weapons only and no shields.
    Also, if I want mega destructuion and imprtecise weapons, I could simply join raptormod game. Whole idea of playing without mod is to have smaller weapons only.

    Still, I disagree with idea of not allowing “bad” weapons till end of the game, as it will kill off alternative strategies. As I understand, there’s 2 main strategies:
    a. get “lame” shield as soon as you have >40k and hope to kill everybody and hope to have shields payed off (I often do that if I win first round), or
    b. “lame” collection of money till 6th round, you get most of money automatically (by “interest rate”) even if you don’t shoot anybody. Then get lot of kills on newly joined people.

    you might like the settings that I have come up with for the tournament server (mod is being developed by Bobirov)

    see this thread for the settings and tell me what you think.

    THis could also be a great all around mod I think, for those that want a missle range type bare mod.

    as to the DH and Funky Fshields and money, badshot, have you considered my other ideas for reducing these stratagies? JOIN MY LOW INTEREST BANDWAGON!! The economy is overheating!

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