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    Saddistic Fungus

    Is it possible gavin that u could change the server a bit, so weapons like Death Heads and Funkies and F-shields are NOT avaidable until say…. round 6 or 7? I mean it would make a lot more sense and it would make the game alot more fun. Im getting sick of every1 just funking or DH each other and everyone has their lamo f-shield….. I mean its so easy to get shit loads of money that anyone can do it, today while playing i had 3 DH, 5 funkes, Sandhogs, Hvy Rollers and Digger, Tons of Dirt and Nukes, and I had 50k LEFT OVER.

    I dunno it just seems kinda upbsurd, wut happened to skillfull shots instead of “me and my shield and my funky and death head”. hmmMmMMmm I dunno just a suggestion


    Apollo Tangent

    Pay Someone to make MySQL for your server… pay for hosting and get a BBphp for your own forums.

    I’m tired of joining the “official scorched3D server” and having people “DICTATE” what rules they see fit to try to impose on players joining into the game (especially after the first few rounds).

    Your IDEA… is nice… keep it to your own server!

    That’s what is available to you.

    STOP trying to impose your boundaries on others.

    Not so kind regards,


    P.S. start a tracer only server and credit people twice as much for resigning for all I care.

    You do not have the voice of the community behind you to call any kind of shield “lamo”. If you have just recently caught on to how to manage your money to be more effective? Stop Bitching about it.



    I have to disagree wih that Sadistic, some of us just suck!!! others are just learning, I have to laugh when I see certain top 10 players whine about funkies and shields, they are in the top 10 because of thier skill!!
    so to tell everyone else no funkies or shields is kinda lame if you ask me, how is a lesser skilled player supposed to compete on a fair level against skilled players? they cant…..
    also a round would end up lasting even longer than they do now, very boring for other nonskilled players who have been taken out by high ranking shooters, more to the point, it is just as frustrating for a new player getting taken out with one skilled shot, and never getting a chance to play and become skilled as it is for skilled players being taken out by funkies or a deathshead!!!
    and I have also noticed after logging on and being told no funkies or shields players who have said this end up getting shields or funkies another game because others have, point being…… we all start with the same menu choices, it is fair to everyone if this is the case, take the funkies and shields away, and the only people who will have fun or a score will be the veteran players or fast learners!
    I do think another server would be good with different charactoristics, for more skilled players wanting a skilled game without worry of non skilled weapons, but to change the main server would not be right!!!


    Apollo Tangent

    After being ridiculed for not conforming to their “rules”, I couldn’t have expressed it better than you just did Soupie.

    Thanks for being so articulate about it, when my anger prevents me from doing so.

    My best Bok Bok,



    Saddistic Fungus

    im just saying have it like apoc where stronger weapons are avaidable later on in the game.

    and appollo, you were being a jackass, we all agreed to play that way. It wasnt some dictation of rules, who said there are rules anyways. We just wanted to have fun and the other players agreed so just drop that crap.

    oh and appollo, i know i dont have the voice of the community… but YOU do? eheh



    i agree with the things both AT and soup have said.

    fungus’ suggestion about funkies/DH only being available in later rounds isn’t bad though, as most of us only tend to use them at that point anyway, but as soup said, what of the less skilled players who want to have fun too? are they just supposed to sit out the first few rounds?


    and fungus, AT might not have the backing of the entire community, but then, he wasn’t implying that shield users were “lamos” either. 😉



    Fungus: First, thanks for the win last night, I did not even realize you were gone and barely had time to make sure I killed Kielbasa to be sure to win! 😆

    the idea of no F-shield till middle of game is a bit poor, sorry, but your goal is admirable. I agree with you that they should be harder to get. I’ve been making that point for a while, but no one seems to agree with my idea to change it.

    Apollo, in the game I think we we’re talking about, I dont remember anyone riduculing you. I am one of the ones who outlined the rules we were currently playing with when you joined, (SvO was the one who started it all – i just used the rules to whoop everyone). For future notice, if anyone joins and says, “you all are dumb, i dont want to play by your rules”, I would likely assist in scrapping the rules and go from there. It just does not do to have a rule that only a few are ok with. If a player does not say anything, that is tacit approval, and if he then breaks the rule still without a word, I have no problem ganging up and killing them. so long as they know why I did it.

    BTW, I was having fun watching you protest the rules by your dirt stratagy. LOL, i was watching you to be sure you did not win, I considered you my number 2 target! 😛


    Apollo Tangent

    Boy, the game you are referring to isn’t the game in question.

    It happened yesterday.

    Here is the thing. If I can only spend about a game and 1/2 of my time during the day and I decide to join the “official stats” Scorched3D server. Then I should be able to do so, without having to apply “somebody” elses rules of play.

    People who are making these rules with expectations of other people joining in and accepteing these “MADE UP” rules are being unrealistic.

    It’s not hard to start an independant server you can even use the shield test mod in doing so. That way when it’s seen on the start up screen, the people that want to go there can.

    That way the people that care to play with “the proper SERVER RULES” can do so without being harassed or coerced into abiding by other people’s rules.

    I don’t care if it is a MAJORITY OF PLAYERS EITHER. It’s still wrong. PLUS for those players to say that they will “Gang Bang” a player who cares to play by the server rules should apologize for not seeing the resistance to conform to “NON SERVER RULES”.


    Now that this is in the open I’m sure Mr. Camp will have a comment to make.




    it is a sad day when the skilled players of this game resort to making up rules that dont exist to protect thier stats, this is what it really boils down to, you play by thier rules and you dont have a chance if you are not as good as they are, so it seems that we must give the skilled players a chance by playing by thier rules and die to protect thier stats? I DONT THINK SO!!!
    I dont dislike anyone here, BUT I refuse to play by made up rules, I hate shields, but would never ask someone not to use them.

    personally I dont mind being killed by a DH in the first round, or funkied, it just means the fool who did it is now broke and can be whooped upon!

    It really sucks to see all this crap taking away from the real fun of the game!


    Saddistic Fungus

    who cares, its over. Done with… Forgive and forget. People can do wutever the hell they want lol


    Apollo Tangent

    As far as people doing whatever they want to….

    Oh yeah…

    You will notice a difference. )Biotch slap(






    Saddistic Fungus

    Yes u might to appollo, when i shove a DH down ur throat muahahahah +10 biatch slap.

    By the way, this one time I saw a deer… it was sweet
    And another thing, BLABLABLABLABLA!!!!! AHAHAHAH!!!!
    Jesus apollo get that cocaine out of my IV! I knew there was something funny about why my face is numb



    Someone needs to crank the A/C up in this thread. A little hot in here.



    It’s complete lie that “without shield, DHs, and funkies games will last longer”. I tried starting baby missile only server. It was quite rare, actually, for game to last 12 moves. (aside of cases when everyone is damaged) After not that much time, everyone starts shooting lot better. As about fun for newbies, heck… with shields, newbies have almost zero chances to kill somebody, except for DHs.

    as about hiding under ton-of-dirt, it is not against rules, but everybody shooting everything at this tons of dirt is not against rules as well. 😆 (Heck, I myself _buried_ people under dirt to kill them easier.) Also, it is not against rules for everyone to make an anti-shield megatruce and kill anybody with shield first.:lol:

    But my point is not that current server must be changed, just that it would be good to have another server with light weapons only and no shields.
    Also, if I want mega destructuion and imprtecise weapons, I could simply join raptormod game. Whole idea of playing without mod is to have smaller weapons only.

    Still, I disagree with idea of not allowing “bad” weapons till end of the game, as it will kill off alternative strategies. As I understand, there’s 2 main strategies:
    a. get “lame” shield as soon as you have >40k and hope to kill everybody and hope to have shields payed off (I often do that if I win first round), or
    b. “lame” collection of money till 6th round, you get most of money automatically (by “interest rate”) even if you don’t shoot anybody. Then get lot of kills on newly joined people.

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