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    I would love to hear about instances that scorch has caused people to be late, cancel opointments, or do stupid things to make time to play.

    The following situation is an example even though in this case I did not make an excuse to play instead of go to the appointment.

    Today my lunch hour was interupted by a trip to the doctor for the soon to be born baby, so i was unable to play scorch on lunch – very dissapointing. (It seems the baby is nearly 10 pounds now, at only 39 weeks! this is very vexing for the wife)

    I just thought it funny that I was still sad about missing my scorch on lunch hour. And I am already thinking of how i might be able to burp the baby and play scorch at the same time! Feel free to leave stories of family disputes over scorch too. 😡

    “HONEY! …… Get OFF the computer and come to bed!”
    “TIMMY! Quit your game and do your homework NOW!



    🙂 Nice one.

    Happens all the time to me too, just how often have I said this
    “of course you are more important to me than my pc”
    seems to be the same story with all my mates.
    I guess we are just twisted! 🙂



    nah, we just got our priorities set straight 😛

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