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    It is true what you say to me Rommel’s going the same thing (not that it’s a great player :^o ) by chatting too dedicated
    less time to jot down a little better! #-o



    Thanks all!

    Congratulations Raden and Rommel!
    Great 1st place Raden, you surely deserve it my friend, our Discovery of the Year scorcher 😀

    And Rommel, you finally made it to the podium – 48 days online – wow! – thats a record hardly to ever get beaten but by yourself unless they make a few years-lasting stats once…

    I just imagine that would make 96 days having scorch 12 hours daily, or 144 days with 8 hours – the latter seems closer to reality. LOL this year I had worked far less then you played! Come on, unveil the truth, who are you? I’m horribly afraid you might be an IRS agent, and by the end of this year I’ll have to pay taxes on all my scorched income 😀

    And congratulations all others from the top 10, was nice playing with you all, good old friends and new great players to recognize!



    Congrats to everyone.

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