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    Hi Boy :

    The concept you have proposed seems easy to implement and appears to be an excellent method of refreshing the stats more often.

    @boy wrote:

    I voted for the 6 mo.

    Sorry guys, I’ve been away a bit, had a vacation a week back and then had things to get done and well, then there are three children and a stressed wife. GOsh I miss playing more often.

    I’d say that the stats race should be more interesting if, say, the stats would be reset at either 6 mo. or when a player reaches 5,000 kills, whichever comes first. That way there is a race against time or the other player, or both!! The current 9-1/2 months is too long. 😉

    More details (as time allows) would be appreciated.

    The only problem I can envision without giving this more thought is the condition that occurs if an update should become ready for release, shortly after a mandatory reset.

    This condition presents a variety of choices :

      Delay the release
      Reset the stats
      Rename the stats
      Declare the stats invalid
      And perhaps others as well.

    Take care,



    pastor of muppets

    If we have a BETA release we will know the update is coming. Just give a projected date of release and we will know the next reset.



    I am not sure but to me there really is no need for a manditory reset of the stats with a new version. So long as the MySQL or whatever is not changed around the new game version should be able to simply continue adding stats, shouldn’t it?

    I mean, the versions dont’ change things so much that a kill isn’t a kill do they? THis way the resets could always be on time.


    pastor of muppets

    True boy never really thought about that.

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