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    ALRIGHTY! it seems popular to reset the stats

    I have used sports analogies before…….. Take baseball for instance (sorry for the Europeans in the gang) offensively, it is individualistic in reagards to stats, much like scorched. Each season has several awards for the best players to compete for, such as:

    Hits (Hitting title) = KILLS
    Home runs (Slugger title) = ROUND WINS
    Stolen Bases
    Fielding (golden glove award)
    pitching/ strikeouts (cy young award?)

    The all time awards are more coveted than the seasonal ones, naturally
    (Remember when McGuire hit 70 Homers?)

    I suggest resetting stats every 90 days. After each reset, three awards (medals) are handed out for each “key” statistic — one gold, one silver, and one bronze. I would say no more than four medals . Key stats for kills, round wins, game wins and kill ratio would be good.

    Along with each players name, it would be cool to then see how many of each award they have recieved by adding little colored stars with a number next to them – (noobs would not know what they are for until looking it up)
    Like the ideas?, VOTE YES Dont like them? VOTE YES 😛


    Apollo Tangent

    I voted periodically based on kills…




    a certain amount of time (maybe 1 day in total) that qualifies for stats play per unit of mesurement (maybe month). that’s all you have for stats, then just fun play. this way, someone playing all day & night that sucks doesn’t benefit. would be best if could have stats and non-stats login sessions to optimize this rather than just chronologically.
    my 2 cents – tri.

    have fun play:0



    I just voted for 90 days – although I could be swayed to 60 days. 😉
    You seem to echo my thoughts on this almost exactly, Boy.

    I’d like to see something like the way that czleagues handles it. See




    I voted whenever without awards .. Although I do agree for a 90day session. I guess awards wouldn’t hurt (its just another titled slapped on to your name right? People dont expect to get anything special from it?) but I can live without em. I’d suggest only doing those main 3 – kills / games / rounds … kill ratio would be nice but then you get into debate over how many kills / shots should a person need to use before able to be put into the race (newb takes 1 shot entire game with death head kills 5 people … gets a 500% kill ratio.. fair huh?). So just ignore that rating level.




    :(newb takes 1 shot entire game with death head kills 5 people … gets a 500% kill ratio.. fair huh?). So just ignore that rating level.

    Certainly i would hope that this award would only be given to players with 100 to 200 kills. Kill ratio is established over a period of time otherwise it is meaning less, true



    I vote for 90 day.
    Should be time enough to get some kills.

    But what about something like a rusty iron medal for the SelfKillChampion !

    Could be some kind of fun 😀



    90 days with awards. Four “seasons” a year. Though I’ll never get any awards unless money is factored…



    I don’t care one way or the other. I just play for the fun.



    @deathstryker wrote:

    I don’t care one way or the other. I just play for the fun.

    Somewhere along the line i started to care, but i dont know why……

    Question: If I travel at infinite speed, am I everywhere or nowhere?



    As your corporeal forn cannot handle the stress and thus your molecular structure breaks down to less than sub-atomic particles, the answer would be “both”.



    NICE! Right up my alley, but you may want to explain what corporeal means to some of our listeners 😯 JK 😀



    my vote: 90 days+ awwards


    Dr Folamour

    i voted for 90 days with Award. ( Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Champion-ship)
    But perhaps u can add again an award for money and a little distinction for the Top 10 players ?

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