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    Thanks for your kind comments, we had so much fun, we are going again on Friday, only with a lot more people 😀 , after everyone saw the pictures and video, and the fact my kids did it, everyone else wants to go now.

    if you look in the picture below you will see a necklace I am wearing, the tube in the middle is an urn with my brothers ashes in it, The first time I came here was with him, he wanted to make another trip with my kids but passed away at 29 due to heart problems, this was my way of making sure he got to go with us 😉

    The guy on the left, is a friend who you might have played Scorched with at one time, he used to play about a year ago, he went by the name H20Man,
    only we called him waterboy! he works for the water dept. seemed fitting. 😈

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