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    pastor of muppets

    Project of the Month??? HOOORAY!!!!!!!! Seriously Gavin for someone I have never met you are awesome. This game ROCKS as do the people who play and spend their time making this game what it is for folks like ellie (Mrs. Pastor) and I. I want to extend a personal thank you from the two of us to all of you.



    Well I’m not surprised. Even though I only gave it a quick glance, I can say this game is made of the cleanest code I’ve ever seen.

    Good job Gavin !


    Laptops Daddy

    Yeap, totally deserves to be. There are games around for £30 each that are nowhere near as good.

    Also, I love this open forum thing. Making suggestions then seeing them implemented. Makes me feel like I’m part of it slightly.

    Thank you very much.



    Congratulations 😀 A great game with great people! Well deserved recognition. I see more coming in the future 😉 Thanks all…for all that you do and have done and have yet to do ❗




    Bout damn time this game started getting some respect…….. 😈



    @direwolf wrote:

    Bout damn time this game started getting some respect…….. 😈

    Dunno… i kinda think it’s had a lot of respect for quite some time now.

    Starting over 6 years ago with Build 1, reaching the
    1,000,000th download from!
    , and achieving Over 1.5 million downloads!
    as well as being shipped default with a lot linux versions…
    I’d say it rocked from the start.. and it still does.



    Well S3D has come a very very very long way.

    I wonder what life would be like without S3D…

    I think I would be a sad emo person who schedules to cut themselves every night.



    well well well…not bad at all….found the game at soucefourge…good i found the game…and i like to play alot of times
    this is also a good way to get more players…WE NEED MORE PLAYERS

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