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    Scorched3D has been named SourceForge project of the month for May 2007. SourceForge is the largest opensource web host and they currently provide our download and CVS services.

    Every month the team at picks one project, from among the tens of thousands hosted on, to honor by naming it Project of the Month.

    This puts in pretty prestigious company, including phpBB, JBOSS, TightVNC etc…

    Full story

    They specificaly asked for developers :-
    – Robert Hand (Bobirov) for pioneering the mod community
    – Paul Vint (CBX) for continuing and ongoing development
    – Joris Beugnies (Redzebra) for the initial cross-platform port
    But I would also like to thank :-
    – the web and server admins for doing such a good job 24/7.
    – the other developers for coding when everyone else is playing.



    It’s probably worth saying that I did put more names forward for the key developer positions but given the 1 week deadline it was not possible to contact everyone during that period.



    Good work gavin and all! 😀




    Wow sourceforge picked us!!!!!!!

    (well really you but yay us!)



    Very nice work!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀


    Metal Slug Mario

    Cool now we are getting some respect eh? (not like we already didn’t get enough)



    wAY TO GO !!! =D>


    Crispy Critter

    I’m glad to see this game getting more recognition – it has certainly become one of my all-time favorites!



    *does the PoTM shuffle*

    Congrats Scorched! 🙂

    Sorry I wasn’t around for the ‘interview’, pretty much missed the whole deal. 🙁



    Congrats, Gav. It’s well deserved.

    I’ve added this info into the Media Info section of the wiki.



    Glad they finally updated it! Way to GO!



    Bravo! Bravo! 😛 😀 😮

    This has encourage me even more to contribute with a mod or something to the Scorched community. Im now trying to learn more and more about OpenGL so i can be of help.

    Congratulations to Gavin and all the pioneers who had an spark of an incredible idea as this game is now [-o , and to all that makes this game possible, admins, modders, etc etc.



    As did Rob – I completely missed the email train on this. lol

    I’m only really soory for that for one reason: The game deserves the POTM, and really only for one reason… you know it’s true, so don’t be so smug, Gav. 😉

    Your work over the years is much appreciated, as you know, I’m sure. The game is cool, blah blah blah…

    I really want to point out a couple things:
    1. The way you listen to requests from the community, and all too frequently, implement it in a better way than requested! It doesn’t go unnoticed.
    2. Listening to requests from modders, and, as above, all to often, implementing better than asked for.
    3. All of the background research that goes into the game. While your education and your day job may give you the skills for it, I know damned well that it takes much more than that – you’ve done a TON of hard work….. call it play if you want…. but you’ve done it. Thanks.
    4. The longevity and ongoing development. Wow. You may have to leave the “Lead Developer” role in your will! 😛

    I wish I hadn’t missed the “interview” or I would have loved to point out how much “Some Guy” has done. 😉

    I’m glad, and proud, just to be a little part of it.

    Cheers to all involved – Gavin, Devolopers, Modders, and Community!



    Many Many thanks to Gavin and the lead develpers for finding me a lasting pastime!




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