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    Thank you for caring, I have dropped my name, so I dont have to deal with all the BS that goes with it
    Gcamp thank you for your comment it meant alot, and everyone else who commented, thank you.
    I tried to stay away and all I could think about was playing this game and making new videos, so now I am back, with a vengance!!!
    I have created an intro to my next video, and am ready to begin shooting as soon as possible, if you do not want to be in the videos I make please let me know and I will make sure your not.
    Gcamp, I have a favor of you…… hehehe
    I want to know if you could make time to join us in a couple games, it would be awsome to have you in this video, if you can, let me know when u can and I will do whatever I can to be there!!!
    This video will be called the Dogs of scorched, using the song Dogs of War from Pink Floyd and a special intro!!!!
    I wanted to leave this game because of a few small minded people, I was afraid that if I stayed I would end up letting my mouth run amuck and say some things I really shouldnt, and either get banned or lose respect of the people I play with, but I cant leave this game, or my friends, This is my “Ohana” and I am here to stay!!! thank you.
    I have to work right now, but my funkies are all polished up and ready to launch as soon as I get home!!!



    It seems my nick fits in that movie perfectly. 😈

    Great to have you back!



    Long live the DireWolf 🙂

    I want to know if you could make time to join us in a couple games, it would be awsome to have you in this video, if you can, let me know when u can and I will do whatever I can to be there!!!

    No worries. I’ll see what I can do.

    Oh. yeah can I upload the videos to the site and put them in the screens section. Please. 🙂



    I was gonna post some smart-ass reply that as a card-carrying member of the Protection of Endangered & Distressed Lupine Creatures Society, I was upset & concerned by your new player name …

    … but I figured I didn’t want to be the first one to push you over that raging edge you talked about.

    So I’ll just welcome you back instead :

    Welcome back, DireSoupWolfNazi!



    I seriously wondered if you could actually keep yourself away. 😉

    Good to have you back, WolfSoup!



    Hi soupnazi..I mean DireWolf 😀 ,

    FCB was talking to me on that post.

    You all right. He shouldn’t have post something in Hebrew (I did it also and I’m sorry for that). The furum’s language is English and to my opinion some1 who want to write something not in English, should do it on the Privet Message. Here we should “talk” only English.

    Also, ori,
    On the begining I didn’t liked soup’s (DW) nick and ask him whats the meaning of that nick. He explaned and I understood that his nick is based on a joke from “seinfeld” (good spelling?:D )..and like u also wrote he is jewish. I realy DONT have anything againts soup/DW..I even sent him RIKUD HAMEHONA (“dance-machine”..great hebrew song).

    DW/soup or what ever nick u pick 😀 keep up the great work with the videos!

    Ah, last thing: 😀
    GG=? 😉

    1. Good Game

    2. Gever Gever–> Gever in hebrew is a man.

    Gever Gever means: “you are the man”, “u r cool” or “dude”, “budy” and stuff like that.

    Aso, “Ahi” in hebrew is like ” bro’ ” in English.

    So lets get back to the game and have a GG games 😀 😀

    Please I started all that and I want to FINISH it once and FOR ALL.




    Welcome Back



    Gavin will go to hell(*) for making addictive products available for the masses 😆

    * : I apologize if anybody actually believing in hell existence(*) is shocked by that post.

    * : Except the hell we are all living in right now, of course 😈


    fcb ori

    i think things went out of control .
    i wouldnt wrote hebrew if i knew how to write private message ,someone help?

    where can i see videos ,are any available?

    any one that playied with me know i am nice i dont hate anyone
    (exepct running hippos ,and damn funkies)

    have fun
    kill and let be killed

    peace !

    sorry war!

    music not connected to scorched!!!

    “rikud hamechona” that u send him is almost fake of a known british band-
    “MADNESS” u all know there song “it must be love ,love ,love” ,try to get their songs apache u will be shocked !!!
    there is also a song call in hebrew (great hit) “night train to cairo “
    that not only that they faked the music ,they also stole the name of the song:
    “night boat to cairo”



    @direwolf wrote:

    SoupNazi is dead…

    So when’s the funeral?



    Well it’s unfortunate it ever came this far.



    Dogs Of War…….

    The Jdogs of war will try to be there too, when the tapeing?


    Apollo Tangent

    Apache said;

    Gever Gever means: “you are the man”, “u r cool” or “dude”, “budy” and stuff like that.

    You mean it’s just like bok bok?




    Hmmm sooo…. when the next movie??? 8) 8) 8)


    It’s nice to have you back 🙂 and for me you’re allways be soupnazi. Why cus I’m a fan of Seinfeld and i saw that episode and I know what it means : Soo For that I’m not going to Soup’s funeral because he is NOT dead.

    And use all the funkies you want…
    By the way, why not use this song once? “Play that funky music white boy” It would be GREAT song for a round FULL OF FUNKIES



    Hey, it’s fantastic to hear your are staying with us DireSoup! 😀

    Your vidoes rock, just wish I had the time and hardware to be creative like you man!

    If I’m around when the next video happens, it would be an honour to be on the killing fields of glory! AND, I’ll do it for free, unlike some people…, eh Sondra??? 😉


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