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    Crispy Critter

    I’ve noticed that the helicopter sounds in Linux are very odd – sort of a slow “whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh” with occasional speedups. Also, on Roofmod, the biplanes sound like F1 cars on Windows, but (mostly) sound OK on Linux, with just occasional bursts of the F1-car sound.

    The birds, walruses?, frogs, wolves, etc. sound OK, though.



    I’ve noticed this as well. The biplane sound I actually sped up to the “F1” sound to make it sound better in Linux. It seems as though the doppler effect for boid sounds is grossly exagerrated.



    This is still driving me nuts – I can’t add boid sounds because, to me, they sound horrifying. (I had forgotten about this for a bit until I started modding….)

    I was having a look at the OpenAL API, and I think “SetDopplerFactor(%f)” may help us here… The docs say “float value, default 1.0” – I haven’t played around with it yet, but it seems to be the solution in other cross-platform apps with this problem. (If it is, maybe add it to the setting dialog?). It sounds to me like the doppler factor is exagerrated by a fair bit on my system.

    I’ll try to do some testing of this this week sometime, but I have a map that I just have to finish first. 😉




    Are you sure its just not a hardware vs software implementation. e.g. the windows implementation is done in hardware and the linux version is emulated.

    Have you configured the ALSA hardware openal support?



    I was thinking the same… but for some reason, when posting that, I thought otherwise.

    I’ll dig into it more and let you know.

    *immediate edit* My .openalrc is set for ALSA…. but I recall reading that the doppler is done in hardware, so it may use a different factor for different OSes. I googled around about this the other night, and I saw references to similar problems with Winows/MacOS. I’ll dig into it more, but not tonight 😉

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