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    Brain Damage

    i posted it here public so other server admins can eventually discuss:

    -remove timeout time when logged in in-game, (there is no reason for it and it’s highly annoying)

    -add back the showipaliases in the console

    -require a non-void field in the reason for ban/mute/flag

    -show the flagged status (and reason) when issuing an admin show

    if nobody has good arguments against, i’ll look @ making a patch to fix the above point



    May i request more features here?
    – an interface to the ‘host’, ‘whois’ commands and maybe to the GeoIP db too. 😆 (but i think, it’s a moral issue any admin not to be curious.)



    sounds good, may be tricky to add the ip alias commands though. They were taken out because they were made multi-threaded for the web server, a thing that cannot easily be done for the console.

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