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    This is my latest vice,

    ( I have the code to embed that video but it dont seem to work, can anyone tell me how to do it?)

    I bought one for one of my kids and kinda got hooked 😉

    You might wanna shrink the window before you open it, for some reason its full screen.


    Laptops Daddy


    i dont know which is more sad – a guy filming himself taking 10 mins solving a rubiks cube, or a guy watching the film of a guy solving a rubiks cube and getting excited ’cause he might just do it. i was rooting for you at the end there.

    flash files. you usually set swf size params from the browser embed code. (i think its cause it was traditionally a vector format (scalable). dont think you can embed on the scorched forums, though. youd have to embed on an html page and link to that.



    2 mins!!! not 10 😛



    well my latest vice is either watching Directv (either history or discovery channels) or playing Galatic Civilations (1 and 2) or both. Of course I’m still getting back into the swing of ‘scorching’ so it’s more like I’m schorching when I’m not do either of those


    pastor of muppets

    I guess I don’t understand the question…what do you mean by not scorching?



    I suppose in your case when not scorching your either working or lifting the laptop lid ready for scorching 😉

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