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    This question can probably only be answered either by one of the programmers, or by a user who writes and runs a few hundred testcases. What are the smallest delta increments that can be applied to , and )? Another way to put this: how many bits of precision do the direction and time variables have?

    For starters, I know that hredirect=0.05 will turn slightly, but hredirect=0.025 keeps pointing the same direction no matter how many times you use it. In other words, the variables for x/y direction cannot store changes smaller than 1/40th degree. Presumably the limit for vredirect is similar, although it might be half as large depending on how the code compiles.

    Obviously this is complicated by the fact that direction is stored as an (x, y, z) vector rather than (azimuth, altitude), and translated back and forth using trig functions. But a ballpark figure would still be helpful for writing very tight GotoLabel loops.

    Similarly, how small can delay go before it turns into delay=0?

    p.s. The same question technically applies to all of the floats, but the others rarely need to distinguish tiny changes in magnitude:

    anglevar, border, bounce, conelength, createmushroomamount, dampenvelocity, deathprob, deflectfactor, deflectpower, delay, derivangle, drag, explosionshake, flameendsize, flamelife, flamestartsize, gain, groundscorchper, height, hredirect, hspreaddist, hurtamount, hurtpersecond, hurtradius, hurtsteptime, inaccuracy, life, maxaimdistance, maximumdistance, maximumhurt, maxlife, minimumdistance, minimumhurt, minlife, minsize, modelrotationsnap, modelscalediff, napalmheight, napalmtime, penetration, percentagemiss, positionoffset, power, projectilescale, radius, referencedistance, removepower, rolloff, scatterpercentage, seghurtradius, seglength, segvar, shieldhurtfactor, sizevar, slowforce, smokeendsize, smokelife, smokestartsize, spinspeed, splitprob, splitvar, steptime, thrustamount, thrusttime, timedcollision, totaltime, translatedist, velocitychange, vredirect, vspreaddist, windfactor

    BTW, the documentation lists watercollision (WeaponProjectile) as a float.



    When using a goto loop function, a delay of 0.0 will cause it to fail. As
    it will try to do all actions together and instead do none.

    The minimum of delay that I’ve been required to use is 0.001 sec; Merely
    for the loops to function yet appear to happen all at once.
    Any delay smaller than that would not be visible, and serve no purpose in
    any weapon you make.

    You are correct on the redirect. 0.05 degrees is the smallest worthwhile

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