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    I’ve been experimenting with making a few maps and have come up with a few simple designs and have bundled them up and put them on my website. Probably the most notable map was the most recent one I made of the world. It is by no means perfect, but it is rather interesting 🙂

    In adding a few maps tho, I have discovered an annoyance. If you have more than 12 active (non commented out) maps in your landscapes.xml file at 1024×768 screen resolution the custom game and server options window expands to display the extra maps but becomes so tall vertically that the Ok and Cancel buttons are lost. Is there a way we could get a scrollbar or even expand the options windows out to the right as well as down when adding additional maps?

    In my little map bundle I have commented out some of my random map designs at the end of the landscapes.xml file so that people downloading wouldn’t notice the problem unless they’re screen resolution is below 1024×768.




    COOL! 8) 8) 8)

    always wanted to Death Head Greenland off the face of the planet… 😈



    hehehe, what’s wrong with greenland?
    but yeah, really nice, gotta download the new maps right now.



    just tried out the map pack, and also the accessories, and about the new weapons in this i can only say “WOW”. really impressive.



    I added a map of the continental United States to the map pack. You can find it on my website if you are interested.

    Here is a screenshot of the map:



    Hehe looks great 🙂

    Makes a proper single player world campain seems like a good idea.



    Very nice, some more countries/continents would be sweet too 🙂



    Thanks guys, glad you like the maps 🙂 I was thinking about doing a map of the Middle East and maybe the Meditteranean area. That is, if I can find some reasonable relief maps or elevation data. So far all I’ve been able to find is downloadable data which I believe needs an interpreter program of some kind. I’ll keep looking around and see what I can find.




    A large map of the UK would be sweet 😀



    I have been collecting digital elevation model (DEM) software and data for some time, though I don’t have the complete world map data (GTOPO30). What files do you need to convert, and what OS are you using? I wrote some Unix tools to do conversion of 1-degree DEMs and GTOPO30 data into 16-bit PGM files, which can be manipulated in their full depth with cinepaint. For example, here is Hawaii, data taken from the 1-degree maps, converted, shrunk, and gamma-modified to look better:

    Tell me if this stuff could be useful. I also have some programs that erode heightfield terrains. They might be useful to modify the landscapes to look more realistic, too. Here is a sample that I made a few years ago. The original land was a circular cone, perturbed slightly with a fractal texture. I ran it through many stages of erosion, then converted it to a triangular mesh representation:



    Holy SHIT, these maps are great! Bobirov, you certainly did an outrangeous job with your map editor 🙂 I like these maps sooo much!
    I bet it took several hours to make them such great!

    By the way, I suggest you to play “Rampage!” I found out this game-type, and I also played it with the DOS version of Scorched Earth. The rules are simple. Every tank uses specified weapons, and accessories.
    Here is an example:


    1: Sandra – Missiles, and nukes, never use deflector shields.
    2: Backstab 78.5 – Riot bombs, never use Missile, and fuel.
    3: Virgin – MIRV and Spread MIRV, never use fuel (and guidance in the old Scorched Earth). He can use the Death’s head though.
    4: Stealth XL – Just diggers and sandhogs. Must have parachute first, and he just use (normal) Shield.
    5: Nilaya – His speciality is the Leap frog, but he can use Missile as well. He must have Mag deflector first, then parachute.
    6: Deviator Launcher – Regular Missile and Funky bomb. He always buys Death’s head, if can. He only use Force shield.
    7: Nocky – Nocky loves regular missiles, and Rollers. She likes tank fuel, and Heavy mag. She is the only one who can have large dirt weapons.
    8: Anastacia (BOTplayer, Shark)
    9: Theta Guard 855c (BOTplayer, Shark)
    10: Maya Gold (BOTplayer, Shark)

    Small riots and dirts are allowed to any players,but only for self-defence.

    So this is the “Rampage!” game, what I figured out. I know, it’s hard to use only the “allowed” weapons, but I think, it’s fun, especially when you want to figure out, which player is good with which weapon, and which weapon is the most effective (Death’s head – of course – doesn’t counts).
    I know, I know…you will hardly play this…still… 😉



    Wow that gives me an idea heh. Some sort of serverside option to limit each players weaponry by total armslevel might be cool. That would somewhat force the style of play you are talking about. Each player could only have a limited variety of firepower. Here’s an example:

    Say the server has the armslevel total set to 20 points. A person could then carry a deaths head (10 pts), some baby nukes (5 pts), some baby diggers (3 pts) and some missiles (2 pts). Each time a player buys a bundle of a particular weapon or item, his armstotal is increased by (11 – item armslevel).

    I think it would probably be best to split it up into two categories, weapons armslevel and items armslevel. That way you could have seperate limits on weaponry and on items such as shields/chutes/batts/etc.

    I, for one, think this would be an interesting way of preventing a very good player from getting overly powerful in a game. Especially on my server where, if you are very accurate, you can start piling up huge, powerful weapons in the later rounds and dominate the less skilled players. The player would have to pick and choose his arsenal carefully. This way I could limit said player’s total destructive power to just maybe one big weapon and a few smaller weapons tops, without having the outrageous pricing that I have on my server.

    I do, however, see a downside to this situation as well. For one players will wind up having to sell weapons to make space for a bigger weapon once they get up enough cash to buy them. This will cause them to waste some of the money they have earned. Another issue would be that the variety of weapons you see fired might decrease, possibly dumbing down the variety of game play that you see on a server like mine with a lot of added weapons.

    In theory this sounds like it might be cool, but I really don’t know how fun it would wind up being until I tryed it out heh. The real question is, what does everyone else think about having an option for a game mode like this? Positive or negative feedback here would be appreciated. If enough people would like to try it out, maybe we can persuade sir Gavin to give it a thought.




    Yeah, that’s right! I agree in every point. The game becomes exciting, when players use only specified weapons. This is why I often play “Rampage!” instead of “normal” game, where players can buy and use anything. If you’re tired of winning, and destroying anyone with a simple blast, “Rampage!” is your game. (I saw that on Grand Theft Auto, where you need to annihilate people/vehicles with only one special weapon). The weapon limitance appears to be an excellent idea! BOTplayers – of course – can buy anything, but as you can expect, they never use such things like Riots, diggers, sandhogs, dirts etc. So playing “Rampage!” against BOTs are also a great training. If you do not cheat by buying “unallowed” weaponry, “Rampage!” is also a fair game type in Team deathmatch. This may emphasize the importance of teamwork, and shows the real power of aiming, and tactic 😉
    Just try it, I’m sure you’ll love it 🙂



    Here is a nice example for playing “Rampage!” in team deathmatch mode. The real sense of teamwork is the best, without BOTs.

    The Green team (you) is going to battle with the Reds (enemy) Every team contains 4 tanks. The tank placement is – of course – random, and the next player-order is sequential (random). This has no effect on the game, but it makes plan creating much easier.

    The Reds begin. Nocky shoot a large pile of dirt at Sandra, knowing that she has no large riots and diggers, and must have shields first, then parachute.

    The Green team continues (It’s recommended that all the players buy auto-defense first, and buy the allowed accessories!) Sandra is a bit occupied now with the dirt, so if it’s her turn, she must unbury herself with a small riot (riots are allowed to use, but only the small size, and only for self-defense). If it’s Deviator Launcher’s, or Virgin’s turn, they might look for a larger concentration of enemy tanks (two Reds close to each other), and launch a huge capacity bomb, like Funky bomb. Deviator Launcher may use Funky bomb. Virgin can shoot with a Spread MIRV. The type of level borders and the wind also can help someone. For example: Launching a Spread MIRV at the bouncy wall may eliminate large enemy concentrations better than a Funky bomb.
    (I prefer Funky bomb though). The shoot was succeesfull, and at least one enemy tank has been destroyed.

    The Reds continue. Stealth XL activates his parachutes, and shields (if he left money to have one), and shoot a heavy sandhog, or a normal sandhog. It misses, and hits the water.

    The Reds again. Nocky covers Deviator Launcher with another Ton of dirt to keep him away from the battle, while Stealth XL finishes Virgin.


    And the winner is: The Red team!

    As you can see, “Rampage!” on Team deathmatch mode shows the importance of working together, and not all about “Kill for gain, and shoot to maim…”. If you don’t have a digger, but other player has, you send a quick message to use a digger, or a Funky bomb, or etc. against a specified location. If you send it by Team say mode, the enemy can’t see it, but if the message is obvious, the enemy may activate its shields (it’s your choice how you want to send) and parachutes 🙂 Or if you want to shoot a Leap frog to an enemy, but your pal is in the way, you can tell him to move over by using Tank fuel (if it’s allowed), or destroy the target beside him.
    I think you may enjoy this kind of game. Of course, there is disadvantages: You can’t buy anything you want, even if a Death’s head would fix better to a place instead of a Baby nuke. And you raising money. Yes of course, these are a bit annoying. But this capacity idea is very good! I imagined this like Bobirov to have 20 (or less/more) units capacity, and use it wisely.
    Not to forget that this game-type should be isolated from Free for all mode 🙂 I would go crazy, when my capacity would be controlled in “normal” game 🙂

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