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    Now I come to forum and read couple threads last-pages from my mobile phone. They say the amount of traffic was 50 kb.
    Then I come and do the same from my desktop PC. And they say traffic was 500 kb.

    I cant say reading from mobile is any worse then from PC display. I get all the same information.

    So what is that? Do they give more kilobytes because PC is big and phone is small? Does that mean on laptop it would be ~250 kb, and ~100 on palm?



    Im not sure about mobile web browsing and their compression, but I do know that 50kB is often rounded to 500kb, might be a common mistake.

    Probably due to extra compression and a much lower resolution.



    Also that cell-phone browsers only deal with the absolute minimum
    of details and content, they use a much lower over-all bandwidth.

    my cell a few years ago tried charging 5cents for every KiloByte…
    totally unreasonable, so i simply never used it’s browser.



    No mistake, just checked, traffic indicator on PC says about 200k for loading a forum list. In mobile it is 12-14kb only!

    And that is the point – I absolutely fail to understand what are these “details and content”. I have images off both on pc and mobile (though even turning them on does not change the ratio). All pages are fully functional. I can read, follow links, fill forms, use menus.

    So it is a mystery what do I pay money for when browse web from PC. Not a big deal of money but…

    Few years ago, yep it was expensive. But now they charge me about 3 cents for browsing about 50 kb, and I’m not living in the center of civilization I should say.
    Though the price for mobile traffic is higher than for one I have with PC connection, in fact it turns to be cheaper to browse web with mobile. Only not convenient to visit unfamiliar pages and to type much, but to just read the ones I know – news, business info, now this forum – all that I can do no matter where I am only having an idle moment.

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