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    Is it or isn’t it?

    I’ve had players Ask Me to adhere to that rule, and others, with ranks far better than me…kill me for adhering to it. Cheepazzsh1t.

    I’d play your rules, if you had any except old skool always wins.

    You can’t have the rule if it isn’t followed and/or Admin’d with consequences for breaking it.

    Let me know.

    My game is populated by Vets too, I’m one of them. No, it isn’t fair to newbies.
    But, we try to educate before killing them off…why would they return otherwise?



    I usually just play whatever. Bots first is always the way to test first, or just ask. Better to err on the side of caution then to p-them off.




    Bots first == aif == AI First.

    It’s the common rule on the newb server, else everyone kills eachother and then have to watch the bots fight.

    It also means that players get a chance to play, this is especially important in that server as it’s hard to learn how to play a game, when you’re always dead!

    It’s upto the players that are playing to make it known to the new player that the aif rule is in effect and then ask if they’d be happy playing by that rule.

    It is NOT upto the new player to ask, although it’s always a good idea if you remember to ask.

    If nothing has been said about the rules, then the server rules apply, which is FFA.

    Anyone breaking the aif rule or any other (no dirt, no truces, no hogs), must be dealt with by the other players on that server who agreed to the rule, it is out of admin hands as the rules are made by people.

    Now quit ya whining, it’s “I’m all hard” one minute, then crying the next.

    Damn kids, should be put down @ birth!



    Other day I was on begginers and nicely stated to a player that joined….”we usually do the bots first”. Got no reply.

    So I started killing bots and he finally got sighted in on me. Kilt my old butt. 😕

    OOoK. I killed him back with one shot baby nuke and lo and behold he died funky and respawned close enough his on funk gottum.

    Next round he said “Bots first right”? 😆 😆 😆

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