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    slee, you were also the one, if i recall, that complained of veterans colaberating and trucing against noobs…. now they are segragated…. while you are fond of calling others childish, you rant about trivial things as you have here.

    50 kills is simple matter and covers a number of things.

    1. the ffa server is often full and a second is a good idea to build player base anyway.

    2. the more full the server gets, and the more vetrans that are playing, the less the noobs have a change to learn, they die in moments. vets barely have time to even tell them anyting before they are gone. A server that gives them a chance to adjust, and a goal to shoot for, and isn’t pure boredom will only INCREASE the player base.

    3. banning people by a stat id will deter people from getting banned, no it wont stop psychopaths.

    4. I dont understand why you still cant play and just have fun….. I have a daughter too, but even with limited time, you can easily get 50 kills off the bots and come over to main server. Are you so concerned about your old stats?



    As I’ve already detailed, putting up barriers to entry does more harm than good. It’s a complete turnoff to a new player.

    As you may also recall, in addition to talking about trucing problems, I also provided solutions that were not accepted. None of my solutions involved cutting players out of the game. Anyhow, I’m done. We don’t see eye to eye. You like the game this way. I consider it completely offensive. So I’m leaving now. Your immediate problem is solved. Your long-term problem with players you have yet to realize.



    I happen to disagree. I don’t think the diehard players will mind the 50 kill rule – which they’ll likely hit in 3-4 days. And this rule will limit the newbie’s on the normal scorched server.

    Nice work on v39 Gavin – the birds are interesting.



    This egotistical logic is pitiful. Sleek within only the first 24 hours of a release you’ve sworn yourself against the game. For nothing more then a bad prediction, which yet is open to intepretation. Jumping up in arms was illogical, if you merely took a moment to relax and analyze the senerio things would not be as sevier as they are, give it some time to see if things are as horrible as you say, but how you say it is making it true.

    In other words, I wager this is only becoming a bad idea merely because your preaching it to be a bad idea. But since you’ve decided to leave I can only say farewell, however I cannot say leavin on such an aditude will make you missed.



    Good Bye Sleestak, I’m glad you enjoyed v38 and sorry that you cant be with us in v39.

    Enjoy your life and I wish Good Health And Happiness to you and your family.

    Good Bye.

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