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    I installed the full version of 39 instead of the patch because it was listed as “recommended” on the download link. But then of course I can’t get into the only version 39 server right now that actually has players because I need 50 kills first. How did the players there get 50 kills so quickly playing on, I presume, one of the other servers? Did the number of kills survive in the stat reset for people who used the patch?



    Oh well, 30 minutes wasted waiting for a player to show up so I can start tackling the arbitrary 50 kill rule. Oh wait, someone shows up. One round played and then the game crashes. Each time. Even without the crashes, an arbitrary rule that delays me from playing with real people isn’t any fun. The funny thing is, I noticed the paypal donation link this time when I downloaded 39 and was considering donating. Guess it’s time to look for a new game to play. It was fun while it lasted. See ya.



    Hmm funny thing I don’t see what your refering to.

    I see a “Scorched 3D (Player Stats, No Bots)” server that myself and others have been playing in for at least 2 hours. The 50 kill thing may have been disabled or something because I don’t see it – nor are the other servers displaying properly. But whatever people are able to play.

    As to why there is the 50 kill concept – with all the comments and asking for some seperation between loyal and consisant players and newbs + troublemakers – this was what was brought as a good idea.. people are able to play on the “newb” server whenever but once you make 50 kills your able to play on a “private” server, free of “kids” who only play for 10 minutes then decide they don’t like the game (or only login to anoy anothers).

    As to why nobody was around to play. I’m sorry but maybe you forgot the fact that – a new version just was released. Not everyone is here at the same time and think “MUST _ PLAY _ SCORCHED 39!”.. give a day or two and people will be playing often again.

    Game crashing? Again I’ve been playing for a while already and have not seen any offset side effects.. maybe someone else has I dunno.



    Two of the three official servers have a 50 kill requirement prior to being allowed access to the server. I know I’m not alone because I encountered Soupfish and a couple other people trying to meet their kill requirement to get access to the one populated server.

    The 50 kill rule may have been designed to thwart kids, but it also thwarts adults who have lives. I don’t mean that to be derogatory, because I spent my teens and tweens playing games at all hours of the night. Now I have a baby. Scorched provides a brief break from reality when I hop on and play for less than an hour during my daughter’s afternoon nap, and a few hours here and there in the evening. So making me jump through hoops just to play is a deal killer. Well, that and the fact that I’ve disabled everything possible in the config screen and the game still crashes when a new round starts (the previous version worked fine). Oh well.

    On a side note… I think you need to take a step back and realize Scorched has a very small player base. If this were a popular FPS game with 400 servers, 100 occupied at any given time, then presenting barriers to entry on certain servers would make sense to maintain community. But with Scorched, the official servers are the ONLY servers with players 90% of the time I boot up to play. So I had a small taste of what newbies will experience after they install Scorched Earth… it’s now a game with an Internet option that has been hobbled because the one good server is off limits, restricted to a clique of hardcore gamers. That sucks. Period.



    Well I still dunno what to say, this clearly seems to be something (why you cannot connect but I’m seeing tons of people come and go) gavin needs to look into…

    What is the version title for what you installed? mine is v39 (bf) .. there seem to be a few things (connected to your problem or not) that seem to be needing ironing out – such as why the other 2 servers are not displaying on the list properly (or maybe its just me?) .. and possibly something diff on ur end then others (such why I asked check your version) because oviously there is no design intended to keep you or others out… and there is nothing special about the existing players who are able to get in.

    We just gotta relax, chances are gavin knows something we don’t or can fix this quickly.



    Version 39 (bf) for Windows, full install. I removed all scorched references in my registry and reinstalled again, still with no luck. On the troubleshooting tab, I turned off everything. As soon as the next round begins, the game crashes and I’m back at my desktop.

    When connecting to the official server, I see:

    Attempting connection
    Trying “” ….
    You need to have at least 50 kills to play on this server.
    You only have 0 kills.
    Connection killed.
    Socket closed.
    Client socket has been closed.



    You was need to earn 50 kills in previous version to log in now..
    As for game crashes – i got same problem.



    Try turning off birds AND the bird sounds. They’re on different menus. I got through three consecutive rounds before the next crash.

    As for 50 kills, I had umpteen kills in the previous version, but I recently reinstalled when the water stopped displaying. The 50 kill clique will cause the population of Scorched players to dwindle over time (as seasoned players leave for whatever life reason, they won’t be replaced by new players in equal numbers). I’ll have to find a game that is interested in growing its player base.


    Apollo Tangent

    50 kills is Bullshit.

    I asked for a 2 week tweak for a reason. Since there are vets that were playing w/ pre V39 and not discussing bugs… (NOW we have to)…

    There is a clique per se: They don’t care a bout your 50 kills… They care …. (well nevermind, my tirade will end right here and right now SO THIS POST IS NOT EDITED).

    I stir a lot of SHIT up for a reason. Most of the admins don’t understand why. That’s Okay though because I think they are catching onto my point of view.

    I’m sorry you need 50 K’s and I’m sorry that because I’ve been loud about things in the past, (+) that my opinion has for the most part been ignored as far as gaining more players into the game.

    Please get your 50 kills in practice (offline) then come into the server and kick ASS!
    I’ll teach you more when you get there. (I welcome new people with open arms).


    There has been a popularity contest going on as to whom can grab the trophy, unfortunatley the game being open source, admins being appointed without computer skills (server issues) and forum moderators being appointed whom cared to hold grudges in the past…

    THERE has been a major ISSUE with people thinking that they have contributed more than Mr. Camp!

    GAVIN made the game. If you have a gripe with Gavin, I’d say that unless you did a paypal donation, He isn’t obligated to satisfy your needs at all.

    That’s not the Gavin I know. Gavin is very encouraging and also “modest” in doing so.

    Everyone else is merely a cog in the machine.

    A few examples of my dissapointment can be summed up just a few minor contributions to the game.

    1. Warp Grid
    2. Naked GUI
    3. 3D snowflakes <<<< it does make it look 3D rather than a white dot floating down.

    Well, I guess if you drive a Caddilac into Mickey D’s you’ll turn more heads than riding in on a bicycle.
    I have been openly opposed to people who could care less and also care more… I’m not in it for the trophy run.

    I stir up Shit so when it’s fixed, it’s fixed.

    I carry a chip on my shoulder for a reason on these issues… I’ve done beta testing for Sony for 5 versions of EQOLA and 90 percent of the people doing beta were more interested in pumping up stats than finding bugs.

    (the same thing happened here more or less here).




    The 50 kills carries over from the last (and any other) version. Did you not get 50 kills in the last version?


    Crispy Critter

    Sleestak, did you back up your ids.xml file before you installed V39? I made sure to do that before I installed V39 here, then copied the old ids.xml back into my .scorched3d directory, and I had no trouble connecting to the server.

    I’m afraid I can’t help much on the crashes. One thing that might help, though, would be to reduce the number of sound channels. I had performance issues here until I did that. The only crashes I get occur when I leave a game, and those don’t happen all the time; they happen to me less often in V39 than in V38.



    No, I didn’t back up anything before going to version 39. It wouldn’t have mattered because I reinstalled version 38 a few days earlier because the previous install started to go wanky. I saw no need to back up anything because I didn’t know the game would be instituting rules to hinder new players. Not to mention, players who don’t read the forums and follow the technical discussions wouldn’t know what to back-up anyhow. Dumb, dumb dumb.

    Sorry to repeat myself, but the fact that you see nothing wrong with putting up barriers to entry tells me this game is dead. Give it a year. Your player base is going to shrink as you lose veteran users for unrelated reasons. And I have no desire to play in a clique. I enter each game with a new username for a reason. Your infatuation with stats and blocking “new” users will be the game’s undoing. It’s unsportsmanlike. It’s disgusting.

    Thanks for the tip on bypassing the rule AT, but I have no desire to hand-hold friends in how to jump through hoops when I want to introduce them to the game. Scorched already has a steep learning curve. A 50 kill barrier is stupid and is instantly recognized as stupid by people outside of this little gaming world. My friends won’t bother.



    One last thought… kiss goodbye the international players who can’t read English. (*gasp* Yes, not everyone in the world reads English.) After a little head scratching, they’ll figure out to upgrade, but then the server will still reject them.

    At the times I play — sometimes early morning or early afternoon, or after a 3 a.m. baby wake-up gets resolved, but I can’t get back to sleep — I mostly encounter non-English writing players. Sometimes they know English, but a lot of the time they do not.

    You’re just shooting yourself in the foot.



    Thanks for being so mature and trying to help us work this out….not.

    If you dont care about stats etc just play on the server (or any other server) that does not have this inforcement.

    The reason for the kill limit is so if we ban people they cannot come back straight away.



    I understand the reason for the kill limit. It won’t stop anyone who is serious about screwing with the game. It will however block a fair number of honest players trying to orient themselves to the game. It’s sort of like copy protection or digital rights management. It treats everyone as criminals by default.

    Sorry if I sound unhappy, but it’s because I am. I wasted time honing my skills to be a decent player, then discovered you were going to put up a wall around the game that basically ruins it for a lot of people. Not your precious inner circle or “established” players you see on the forums of course… just everyone else. I can’t invite friends into the game when I have to ask them to first make 50 kills, or I play alone with them for a long time first. Where’s the fun in that? You’re killing the fun.

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