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    Greetings Fellow Scorchers….

    At one point,I kept opening my big mouth on line inviting everyone to Tahoe for Fun,Sun and Games.I was hoping to pay for food and “adult beverages”.
    I was looking around the 1st or 2nd week of June because its usually pretty warm,there are’nt any tourists here yet(Cept YOU guys)and the waterfalls are pretty spectacular.
    The idea was..we meet..(WOW! Cant wait to see Raden fly across five continents to say ‘HI”).
    Play some Scorched.(Its a concept Mr. Puppet)Eat. Drink. Waterski.ParaSail.Hike.Eat and Drink.< <<<----Really good cook and Bartender.No Acid NO PUPPY on the menu.(fricken Brits)((OOPS Just kidding Gavin))
    ANYWAY…….I have a very large wooded backyard.(Yep..the Bears ARE back there)There are campgrounds within five minutes of my house,WITH Wi-FI.
    There are Motels AND Hotels too.Motels ALL have efficiency kitchens.
    My POINT?
    Lets see if I get this Contract for this Injection Molding company BEFORE I extend the invitation.ALL Scorched Players from around the world would be invited.Gavin? I have a LARGE 1 bedroom apartment above my house that you would get 1st right of refusal on.(< I cant make the Invite YET…< <--crossing fingers
    Children are welcome too.Out of area guests..I have good connections at Disney Land..More on this Later.
    Adults? I have good connections at the Casinos for ALL shows.More on that later.
    Im putting up this website HERE!!!
    These are my buddies.They are currently watched in about 70 Countries.K Maybe 20…Its THEIR story.
    Scorched3D will be on this website at NO CHARGE.The people that go to this website include the Manager for the WHO and Led Zepplin.No B.S.
    Scorched3D will be getting a FREE link to the site.Expect NEW players.
    Give me a couple of days to connect the Link.
    Ill let you know if any of you are ALLOWED to visit Tahoe soon. :^o
    Enjoy the Site.
    I WILL put on a Mask and say hi to you guys soon.
    I dont wanna upset Ms Ellie with my handsomness. :^o

    Peace Out



    “No Acid NO PUPPY on the menu.(fricken Brits)”

    Kittens or Hamsters would be fine 😈



    Mr. Bastid,

    That sounds extremely awesome. If by some chance it’s the 2nd week of June, I’ll be there. That first week of June is set aside for a trip to see my niece graduate.



    A scorched meeting huh? Sounds like a great idea, altough a little too far from my house, maybe if i won the lottery….

    Good one on the publicity too, cant have enough of that.



    😀 All very beautiful, but you have GIRLS ??????????? [-o<
    Why not read anything about whether there will be or there will be no girls. :mrgreen:

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