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    I would like to thank Gavin, and all others included in the making of this game, also to the admins, THANK YOU!!!
    You all are and have been doing a fine job with this game, and it needs to be recognized, dont let Apollo’s words bring you down, you know you are making good decisions when it comes to this game and thats what matters, I am for 1 glad you guys are not ban and kick crazy, because I have acted stupid here a few times myself, and because of global distance between some of us other problems arise that do not call for banning or kicking.
    Keep up the good work!!!

    I play this game more than any game I have ever payed money for!!!

    If you agree with me or just want to show some support for this game, here and now would be a very good time to do it!!! 😉



    I’ll drink to that.

    CHEERS! _/



    I loved the first scorch and looked for years for something more fun then one day i fond scorched3d best game every made in my book. Thanks gavin and all the other who made it more fun than the first one!!!!! To all those haters out there go away!!!!!



    Yeah, rock on Gavin. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’.



    Definitely! How can I not but help support this game… it ROCKS!

    Gavin, please don’t feel disheartened by the actions of a few, who feel they must spoil it for everyone, eg Mokelok & AT spring to mind…

    You’re doing an awesome job, and I feel for ya!

    Many thanks (and hopefully a few donated $ soon too)

    Poolee 😀



    I would just like to say thanks to all the people who worked on the game over the years to took to make it what it is now.
    Thank you everyone!

    I know how are it is gavin to find time to do some of the things you like to do after you get married. I’m going on 4 years of marriage myself!


    Apollo Tangent




    I’ll join you guys and wanna thank Gavin and his crew for making THE BEST UNHACKED ONLINE GAME I HAVE EVER SEEN AND PLAYED!!!

    I started playing in this kid of game when the “TANK WARS 2.0” came out
    in 1989 (BEFORE schorched earth)…

    This 3d version is absulutly AMAZING!!Keep on the good work!! some ppl just can’t appreesiate (u know what i ment) that.

    I’m not (and i think any admin) going anywhere and I’ll keep doing my job to protect the game from ppls like AT (can’t believe he is on this list), 1, Moke, Sister Wendy or any ather player that will try to ruine this game!





    A girl have to do what a girl have to do.

    *ME comes close over Gavin and HUGS HIM TIGHT and kisses him ON the face*

    Don’t worry Mrs Camp just trying to give some suport 🙂


    Kid Chaos

    Well Gav, My name is Kid, Mr Chaos to all others. I have to admit that you have created an all time winner in the terms of online gaming. I still have the dos version somewhere on one of the drives. I just want to express my appreciation for all that you have to deal with when it comes to to creating such an awesome game and for dealing with the onslaught of continuing complaints saying give me more, more, more!

    I’m still a noob when it comes to the politics of your creation but there seems to be issues that many are expressing. My opinion is that you don’t let go of the dream/goal and work out the differences. Teach & Listen to your Admin’s as I know you probably cannot be 24/7.

    Perhaps I will apply for an Admin one day. I hope this is personally satisfiying to you as well as financially. Keep up the good work.

    K. Chaos 😈



    we were thrilled to add S3D and its multiplayer server to our network… many hours of fun on our breaks and time snuck from the job. Thank you for such sophistication and offerring it free to the public w/support



    Cheers guys :D, glad you appreciate it, that is why I do it after all…

    p.s. I’m reading this forum from top to bottom. What makes me think there is a rant post coming futher down 😉


    guy parker

    woah, there was a lot of posts this weekend. i just wanted to say that this is the best free game i’ve played this decade. i like it a lot, keep up the good work 🙂



    @guy parker wrote:

    woah, there was a lot of posts this weekend.

    Gee, I wonder who caused that? 😉



    Scorched3d is a great game – keep up the good work and thanks for the MacOSX ports. I think Scorched3d gets ported to the Mac faster than any other game on the planet!

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