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    I wish every one would have access to

    admin command
    show – Shows ids for current players

    is there any way for this to happen????



    Is it hard to find out player by rank?No reason from this command if you are not an admin 😉



    Is there any way to find out if multiple users are coming from the same computer????



    no irish.

    admin show does more then just that.

    What if, to also limit queries being sent to the server 100x a minute.. what if in the same command of a player joining into the game “Welcome back [player], you are ranked #”…

    it includes the player stat ID?

    “Welcome back [player], your user #, you are ranked #”

    So for me, it would be example (going off of CURRENT paramaters):

    Welcome back “Willis”, you are user “104”, you are ranked “10”.

    Or, a dumbed-down version of show could be developed to be just what your looking for; But again that touches into the concern of users sending queries to the server again, and again, and again…



    Double logger have same rank on all players if he log in with same ids.xml
    But if he change ids.xml before each log in then rank & id will be different.
    Btw you need to start each game copy through different ip. 😉

    ps. Double loggers suck (hi bok bok) 😆



    I can agree there….


    Apollo Tangent

    The command is complicated when it runs and it lacks the sniff that makes (changes) observable. *I won’t go into details*

    So no. I hate to say it.

    On the bright side, Gavin could administer a LOG ON program and make money on it.

    A feature that I totally endorse.

    But! There should be no admins per se: there should be a complaint line established with a log file that can’t be corrupted and edited. (encrypted format).

    ahhhh do you see what I’m saying here?




    Not quite sure I follow, since I admin my own server from the console more often than not. I am guess that is not quite what you mean …

    you mean players in the game who are given admin status (yes I did give my brother powers to admin in game when he plays…in case I am not around) Is THAT what you are saying?


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