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    Laptops Daddy

    Something has to be done here, so I’m willing to take on an administration role in order to save this thing.

    Votes are required from all tournament players.

    With enough interest, I will resign from the tournament as a player and step in as admin. More admins will be recruited as necessary, so please also register your interest here if you’d be willing to help out.

    I do believe we can rescue this thing if there’s enough reaffirmed interest.

    We will need a few changes and team captains especially will need to make a further commitment right now so everyone knows where they stand.

    No more messing about please.

    And if anyone has suggestions for changes to how this thing is organised or how future tournaments could be improved, please feel free.

    Thank you and be cool,

    (current tournament server host and luateams mod developer)

    ok – thats good enough for me. so i direct you to this post: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5747&p=55878#p55878
    re resigning: i wont be playing another match. its important that i stay objective and its not appropriate for me to play and administrate, especially where we may need to impose sanctions or forfeits for non-shows. my (former) team dont need me anyway.

    the tournament will continue. hopefully we’ll have an outcome / winner / best player / best captain within another few weeks.

    please continue to vote if you care to. it wont hurt to reassert interest and it would be nice to know how many players are still active.



    Please do something to give this thing an logical end.

    Since i dont have a complete team anymore, PR gone, bear MIA i am close to giving up.I could go on a rant how frustrating it is but i suppose anyone interested knows this already so i wont.

    This is only my second tournament but it seems to be the same problems, since we are in different timezones it is hard to find a good time for everyone to play, teams makes this even harder. Also we are a small community if we had 20 or 30 teams it would be not such a big problem if half of them dropped out.

    Perhaps it was a bit ambitious to have a team tournament. Maybe in the future instead of a tournament where people arrange matches during a period we could have an event style tournament instead. Set a time and date when we know there will be many people able to play(sunday night euro/ afternoon US seems to be a busy time). Have a mod that gives a fast and exiting game, battle it out during 2 hours and then a final round to decide who`s the champion. Set up enough game rooms so everyone who shows up can play and have fun.

    We could even make it a monthly event to generate motivation to play, something we dont have now i think.



    As you can conclude from this topic Laptop is currently to take more active part in the tournament organisation and we are about to force things going.

    It might sounded a bit confusing about who is doing what so I remind that you are still to contact me with any matters regarding, that didnt change and wont be, as well as anyone is welcome to do it in public.

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