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    Actually, this seems more like a jury of his peers, pretty much like the jury in American courts, which has the power to convict and sentence a defendant.



    @device wrote:

    Although there may be some (good?) reasons to ban “1”, I believe it’s a bad idea to have a player vote decide that.

    Ever seen a death/jail/whatever penalty decided after a public vote IRL ? No, because it’s just like if anybody could decide what justice should be.

    Just my 2 (euro :)) cents.

    Hey, I don’t see any jurors around. So WE must be the jury. But Gavin, of course, is still the judge. (Of course we are also the prosecuters but still I don’t see a lot of people defending him even though they have the chance to.)



    You can probably guess what my vote was.

    For those players who didn’t see him the first time round in v37 then please see Wowbaggers post, he really was as bad as people make out and worse. He was given numerous chances back then to change but it was unrelenting.

    I vote to keep this game the way it was intended. Good clean fun



    Heh,at least i never used so bad language like this mokelok..But whatever…

    All what i tried to do – save old shields.As for stats voting – my biggest mistake,still cant believe i did it…I was so close to be first in this stats and then this post about stats reset.So be happy Apollo..As everybody say : “rank means nothing”.

    Thanks for comedown and others who support me.Nice to see it.

    As for mine attitude to other players – i never start first.

    p.s. I made few accounts if forum here..If i took somebody’s nick – password for all accounts is 111111 .

    See ya



    I’ll be honest.. that sounds like a pity post.

    To clearify – a pity post is some sort desprite attempt to make people feel sorry for you. So instead of throwing stones they throw twigs. That being said I say since he dosnt care for his ID anymore delete it. Otherwise people will just start using it and eventually we’ll get a new bad egg using it.



    Just for fun,here is mine ID [edited by moderator]
    I dont need it anymore.
    See ya

    Hmm, looks like you have made your decision. I was still thinking about mine.

    As someone said (I can’t remember who) I am (trying?) to be impartial.
    I don’t play the game online so I don’t have vested interest in the stats winners. What I do have an interest in however, is the happiness of the players (which I relate directly to the success of this game).

    A few points:-
    1) You do seem disruptive (for what ever reason), the number of replies generated in this post alone testifies to that.
    But perhaps that is because you are a bit arrogant.

    2) You did cheat on the polls.
    But you admitted when pushed.

    3) You happen to share the same service provider as one who shall not be named.
    But perhaps that is coincidence as there do seem to be some other differences.

    4) After this topic if you were to continue playing the bad feeling on the server would only get worse. In a way it is kind of forcing the result which is not good.

    Perhaps you have done the right/honorable thing by qutting (asuming you meant it and will stick to it), I think I would probably have had to ban you anyway, but I am not really happy with either decision.



    I know you don’t want to ban him (1) but he could come back as another player just by deleting that one file(can’t think of the file name) and comming back on after that in another nick.



    I’m sorry that we have to put you in this position gcamp, after all, all that you did was write a bloody good game that has attracted a loyal following and a community of sorts.

    Gamekeeper probably wasn’t in the job description when you wrote this program. So hopefully after this the role of the admins will take over that function for you and a concensus by poll of the players when it is needed. To hopefully give you a rest from being the referee.



    I abstain.

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