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    Since i’ve banned him from my servers, he has bypassed the bans repeatedly.

    He has slipped through enough times to download all my mods,
    and now he’s Duplicating my servers names and declaring his
    servers as the mods official sources.

    I am at the end of what i am allowed to legally do, is there
    something Anyone can do to help me.

    These are the servers he is hosting, duplicating names and even port numbers..

    These are the servers from last night.
    Shotsos ip is

    Quote: The Stone Age (Bring your pebbles) stoneage 2/12 (0 plrs) 1/10 40.1e (ck) Panthermod v40.1 panthermod 2/12 (0 plrs) 0/10 40.1e (ck) Ball-Breakers!(Official RollerMod) rollermod 2/12 (0 plrs) 1/10 40.1e (ck) Scorch-Wars (Official-Beta) scorchwars 3/12 (0 plrs) 5/10 40.1e (ck) RaptorMod Converted 40.1d raptormod 8/16(4 plrs) 11/12 40.1e (ck)

    but now he’s stretching the insult to others as well.

    Not only is he Hosting duplicates of my mod servers, claiming them as
    the original.. but now.. he’s CHANGING Raptor and Panther mods and
    Releasing them as “Improved”

    These are the servers this morning Stone Age (Bring your pebbles) stoneage 2/12(0 plrs) 0/10 40.1e (ck) Panthermod Revised! panthermod 2/12(0 plrs) 0/10 40.1e (ck) Ball-Breakers! (RollerMod) rollermod 2/12(0 plrs) 0/10 40.1e (ck) Scorch-Wars (Beta) scorchwars 3/12(0 plrs) 0/10 40.1e (ck) RaptorMod (40.1d) *Improved!* raptormod 4/16(0 plrs) 0/12 40.1e (ck)

    and to complete the insults, He’s toting his personally Modified Build as v40.1e, a direct insult against Gavin himself…



    40.1e — merely differentiating against 40.1d; not an insult, rather a compliment.

    And the *improved* bit — refers to 40.1e and the server system.

    Bot’s will NEVER be ranked first, second, third, fourth, etc…

    Right now I’m in the middle of redoing the servers.xml files I’ve been um.. copying.. from the website. (See that little link at the top? Anyone can copy the rules.)

    I changed the server names from exact copies.. what more could you want? I even added TWO more commands for admining-shipness. You’ll just have to connect to the servers to figure out what they are.

    Oh! And my IP is DYNAMIC, and ids.xml can be easily changed…
    And the only reason it’s a different version number is because of the extent of the changes.
    Ranging from /consolecommand to entire GUI changes..



    K, firstly you are not the developer of stoneage or scorchwars
    to be claiming they are (official) or improved…whatever that means.

    Not that there’s anything wrong with you running servers for
    those 2 mods as long as I don’t hear *bad* things happening to
    players that try to connect & play there..

    Wich wouldn’t suprise me in the least with you taking things apart
    and *changeing* things..

    But nameing them as the (Official) source is
    misleading You didn’t create those mods.. we did.

    So I take it your doing this to prove some kind of point
    or doing it to further antagonise thrax wich just shows your age.





    use all this energy for something other than pissing people off please.



    I had earlier requested to Shotso that he remove the term “Official”, which he promptly did.




    Let me reiterate:

    And, more importantly: I don’t ban people, ever. Except the following: gcamp, shotzo, thrax, cbx, jinx, cowbell, bob… (oh the satire.)

    And the official/improved thing was just because I didn’t feel like going into the .xml files myself…

    And thrax: Just be happy that I’m not actually *actively* trying to play on your servers. I could if I wanna; you wouldn’t know it was me until I decide to letcha know….. and it’s not all that hard to set up a proxy, after all you are using port 666 (the port for some popular trojan).

    Use ports AFTER 1024, those’re defined for application use. Before that, they’re assigned to various large applications.



    Everyware i look recently is Shotzo this Shotzo that, shotzo picking fault, shotzo writting one word titles expecting people to know what hes on about! shotzo dissing people’s servers, YES SHOTZO we know that you are a programmer, why the hell are you ramming it down our throats! What is with the negative attitude? Why do you persist in ripping this game to pieces? All that ive seen up until now is a person who seems to be saying ” Look, im the BIG I AM “, any chance that you could put your ‘skill’ to something more constructive like making your own mod, now that would show us all!
    All that i have seen up until now is you knocking nails into your own ban button! (yes we know that you could sidestep a ban but that not the point of a ban)



    @cbx550f wrote:

    I had earlier requested to Shotso that he remove the term “Official”, which he promptly did.


    Thanks cbx,

    The Last thing we need is people misleading the public.

    Infact someone may want to suggest some way of better indicating
    wich servers are the official sources within the refresh list.

    Perhaps another catagory tab after the mod name or even
    highlighting the entire rows sideways with green color
    being official and greyed out being just a server.

    hmm perhaps a purple star? , a pink flower?, a red flaming tank?

    so that new players can plainly see wich servers are legit
    and trusted sources.. and the *other* people …

    Theres not that many mods out there and im sure it would
    work out well if the developers *of their own mods* had to
    directly contacted gavin for authorization to indicate official




    Couldn’t the source code be changed to make it send false information?


    And not to be mean or anything, but are you all going off of what Thrax has said, because I don’t think he checks his facts…

    i.e.: He says my hosted mods are different from his, when they’re not…
    or ‘Omg he made his grid go smaller.’ — dude, do you REALIZE what would happen to the terrain?; or my favorite: ‘omg! he made some sort of hacking algorithm to make himself hit everything dead-on on the first try’ — Haha! Not even close! Look how much trouble gavin’s having doing just THAT!



    All un-corrupted mods are available via the
    Current Mods page that Gavin set up.



    I can’t install panthermod or raptormod from that page.


    In other news:
    I can host 4 more servers now.




    quite a few people worked on Raptormod and also quite a few are still working on Panthermod. I would appreciate it if you would not get in our way. if you are going to “improve” on the work, please do not host those two mods.



    I am not going to ‘improve’ the mods. I never said I did, or that I would. I said I’d improve the SERVER



    Main Entry: satire
    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: ridicule
    Synonyms: banter, burlesque, caricature, causticity, chaffing, irony, lampoon, lampoonery, mockery, parody, pasquinade, persiflage, play on, put-on*, raillery, sarcasm, satiricalness, send-up*, skit, spoof, squib*, takeoff*, travesty, wit

    yeah i learnt a new word today

    cowbell did you now that one?



    You’re using the wrong dictionary.

    Try one for literature?

    Have you read A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift?
    Or The Mao Button
    Or The Onion?

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