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    hey, how come your posting it this time?

    for V38.1 or 39?



    @jdog wrote:

    hey, how come your posting it this time?

    for V38.1 or 39?

    I’m just hosting the files for the time being. 🙂

    And it’s for v39



    @comedown wrote:

    Windows zip:

    .s3m for Linux:


    comedown the shockmodv3.s3m post does not work
    you must not have exported it properly

    to export & create it:
    go to scorched main window then click change settings tab
    in the main window under start a multiplayer game
    then click mods tab then highlight shockmodv3 in the mod box
    then click export.

    the size of the s3m should be 8mb or so not 1kb :S

    then please update the link

    jdog wrote: why is he posting it now for v3.1 or 39?

    comedown was nice enough to host the mod available as a zip
    because DeVices Shockmod v3.1 OS = Official Server is not
    up yet due to him not getting his dsl installed in his new pad yet.

    so I am running a temporary shockmod temp os *slow dialup*
    server until then well whenever im online

    if you see the Shockmod V3.1 Temp OS server thats mine 😉
    but it takes forever to auto update ytou all so hense the zip




    When I attempt to save it, it shows as 9.25MB, I have asked a few friends to check it out too and they also recieve a 9.25MB file. <- screenshot of browser download. <- screenshot of both files sitting in the FTP client, sizes displayed.

    Are you the only one having the problem, Shock? Or have other people reported it to you?

    The file was made exactly the way you described, I recieved no errors on either export or upload, and still recieve none on download. 😕




    Mod looks good but I can’t put my finger on whats gone from the last version…

    I like the new landscapes.
    The “Dark Side” weapon covers a lot or area!!! But sounds so COOL!



    no some1 told me the shockmod.s3m link did’nt work

    so i tried it and *mis typed* the link thats why it did’nt work
    for me wich i assume the player did as well

    http://w0<–zero "not an O" lol

    the link works fine now sry for the confusion

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