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    SHOCKMOD V1.0 RELEASED!! December-09-2004

    It Brings me great joy to announce the release of
    the newest mod for scorched 3d called Shockmod v1.0

    Mod Info:

    ShockMod comes with a variety of new types of weapons,
    explosion textures, maps, and sounds.

    ShockMod was created by ShockWave with some help
    from Bobirov.The mod also shares some of its content
    with the Apocalypse mod. So, don’t be surprised if you
    see some similarities between the two.

    There are plenty of differences between the two
    mods though, which becomes apparent quickly.

    So what are you sitting here reading this for?
    Download the ShockMod, fire up Scorched 3D
    and prepare to be shocked!

    Installation Instructions:

    To download ShockMod :

    Click on a link below to start the download:

    Self-extracting RAR for Windows peoples:

    ZIP version for Linux peoples or anyone else:


    Windows users:

    Once you have downloaded the mod, click the self extracting file
    called ShockModv1.0.exe and extract shockmod to
    the following directory:

    C:Documents and Settingscurrent user.scorched3dmods

    Note: current user would be the name of the account you are
    currently logged in to Windows with. NOT “all”.

    Linux users:

    Extract shockmod to the following directory:


    After you have extracted the mod, the final directory structure
    should wind up being /.scorched3d/mods/shockmod, make sure it is.

    From this point on, you can now use and play ShockMod by choosing
    the custom game option from the main menu and also play
    online multiplayer games on any ShockMod servers as well.


    Depending on players use, the online server may not always be


    Some features include:

    Here is an inventory list of the sheilds:

    Heavy Shield_____Mag Deflect______
    Hv Frc Shield____Ultra Mag________
    Energy Sheild____Energy Mag_______
    Jedi Shield______Jedi Mag_________
    Warlord Sheild___Warlord Mag______

    Here is an inventory list of the weapons:

    Smoke Tracer_____MIRV_____________Acid Blast_______Roller_________
    Baby Missile_____Mega MIRV________Acid Rollers_____Heavy Roller___
    Missile__________Spread MIRV______Acid Rain________Roller Pit_____
    Dirt Charge______Mega S-MIRV______Acid Spill_______Roller Army____
    Dirt Clod________Roller MIRV______Baby Napalm______Leap Frog______

    Dirt Ball________Baby Sandhog_____Napalm___________Grim Reaper____
    Dirt Wall________Sandhog__________Hot Napalm_______Hailstorm______
    Instamountain____Heavy Sandhog____Napalm MIRV______Radiation Surge
    Dirt Pillars_____Spread Sandhog___Napalm S-MIRV____Radiation Bomb_
    Grenade__________Baby Digger______Hellstorm________Volt Surge_____
    Baby Nuke________Digger___________Fire Worms_______Mad Science____
    Nuke_____________Heavy Digger_____Fire Ants________Fusion Rain____
    Fatman___________Landscaper_______Fireball_________Funky Bomb_____
    MOAB_____________Quicksand________Fireball Leap____Overkill_______
    Suicide Bomb_____Riot Bomb________Lavaball_________Overkill L1____
    Disarma Bomb_____Hvy Riot Bomb____Volcano__________Overkill L2____
    Time Bomb________Gas Grenade______Baby Roller______Death Head_____
    Shockhog_________Shock Rollers____________________________________

    Here is an inventory list of the maps:

    Oldstyle_________The Rockys_______Arizona Islands
    Hilly____________Island Chain_____Cavern_________
    Foot Hills_______Stretched Hills__Trench Hills___
    Mnt. Everest_____High Tide_______________________
    Hill Mounds______Hill Slope______________________

    Special thanks goes to the Co-Moderator Robert Hand aka Bobirov
    who has helped make Shockmod both possible and available
    for everyone to download & enjoy.


    M. O.

    Pic says it all Mandrake llinux 10.1 kernel



    Should be fixed now, let me know if you get any more errors like that. Silly case-sensitivity… 🙄


    M. O.

    Pic says it all again If I keep it up we’ll get it fixed. 😆
    Testing this to get all Shock’s buggs out with the 1quadrillion power spot light.



    Again, should be fixed now. Lets hope this is the last time…

    Lemme know if ya get any more errors though, gotta sort this stuff out somehow.. 😉


    M. O.

    @bobirov wrote:

    Again, should be fixed now. Lets hope this is the last time…

    Lemme know if ya get any more errors though, gotta sort this stuff out somehow.. 😉

    I’ll just put up pics from now on. 😯



    dont worry we will fix this problem

    its a matter of the files being case sensitive wich windows xp has no problems with and I am guessing unix does but all the files are being lower cased now so that should resolve the problem


    M. O.

    😉 😉 😉 😉



    Oooookay. I “think” I have changed everything of importance to lowercase and changed any references to them as well. So all I can say is try again and see what happens.

    If anything, I think we have successfully shown Shock just how important case can be when dealing with cross-platform stuff.. 🙂


    M. O.

    I got the same errors so I went ahead and lowercased each file & folder and that did the trick.


    M. O.

    had a crash with one of the wav files



    Download the version up at ApocHQ and try it. Hopefully you won’t get that error. You not only have to change the files to lowercase but go through the xml and change the references to them to lowercase as well, which I have done. Let me know if that works.


    M. O.

    I found the little culprit and fixed it. everything seems fine now will continue testing and update as necessary.

    Some nice weps and sounds in there.

    also updated my upload zip file with the correction.



    Hi, i tried to install the schock-mod 1.0 on linux but when i connect to the SchockMod v. 1.0 Server i get an error that says something lik
    “Cant handle Message ComsConnectAcceptmessage” and then i get disconnected.

    What can i do about it?


    M. O.

    I got it also 😐 Must be a windoze thing.

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