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    I have been trying to play in the shockmod server, but the bots keep resigning after the first shot. Is this a new feature or a bug with the new update?



    its a bug 😯 having something to do with some new code relating tothe tanksai.xml file. (I think that is the right file.)



    sorry for taking so long to respond , and yes that was a bug as shockmod was made for version 38.0 be4 38.1

    and as all the new tags were placed in 38.1 I am assuming
    something on the official server was over looked

    fear not !

    I have been working on a new version ShockMod 2.0
    and everything works great 🙂

    no more bot resigns & no more bot dirt madness

    sorry i was un aware the bots had gone mad.

    also Bobirovs server is strictly apoc now as he has no tim to run & update 2 mods along with all the other buisy things he has going.

    the official shockmod V2.0 server with stats will be soon hosted
    by our own well trusted and generous M.O. 🙂

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