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    I think it’s time for a bit of tweeking on the shields. Prices all seem about right, but they don’t seem to work well like they should.

    Tweek #1:
    The regular baby shield is too weak to small projectiles. In the original game it required several baby missiles to kill the shield. As it is now, it requires only one. This should not be.
    * the [shield hurt factor] for collision damage from the baby missile should be reduced significantly. Perhaps the size of the shield should be increased about 10% too.

    Tweek #2:
    The mag shields are not balanced right. The hvy mag does very very little extra in comparison to the regular mag. Both of them are depleted by passing projectiles much too fast. It should take at least 3 deflections to deplete, but it takes usually 2 easily, sometimes even a low velocity projectile can do it on one shot at the right angle. Or even a shot that just skips accross the top removes a lot of power.
    *the [remove power] factor should be reduced to about half of what it is now.

    Tweek #3
    The heavy shield works pretty well, its a bit too large of a target though, the original was smaller and tougher. I would say the size shoudl be reduced by 10-20% and it should be about 25% harder to kill.



    BAH!! What are shields??
    8) 8)



    @irishbandit wrote:

    BAH!! What are shields??
    8) 8)

    Ah… you apparently must not play many places.
    Shields are those dirt-colored mounds over tanks.
    You should try them more. 😀



    I endorse the use of dirt!

    I also motion that the dirt charge should be one of the death options. It was a frequent one in the original. Don’t give me server demand or lag or hogwash like that, this is the digital age!! 😀



    I agree. But you could have just added this post to mine in this same forum. It’s called “Mags” 🙂

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