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    Brain Damage

    just a few suggestions :D, i may already posted some but i want to publish them all here

    A tag to set shield’s texture for each shield
    A tag to set the percentage of wind effect on projectiles & rollers & napalm; underground weapons shouldn’t be wind affectied; nor should be rollers underwater ( i know this is more hard to do).
    Removing the OS info for server becasue it’s not useful for ppl to join and may give dangerous infos (like if you don’t have service packs installed) to crackers and ppl like them to attack your pc.
    Starting weapons should be set from server settings letting you more flexibilty to create custom games
    (eg. a hard game with limited weapons).
    A server setting to give each round (or only some rounds) a weapon (same reason).
    Another game winning mode with scores, not only determined by kills but from an expression like:
    +1 for a kill, +5 for a round win, -1 for a self kill, -1 for a team kill
    or: (+1)*K for a kill, where k could be 1 if you didn’t won the round, and 1.5 if you won it, -1 for a self kill, -1 for a team kill.
    Sandhogs and diggers should have different aiming ranges on different types (i’d suggest also reducing, the lock range to something smaller; eg 15 for baby, 25 for regs and 40 for heavy so they’ll still work and be less overkill).
    I don’t know this, but can giveweapon tag give weapons that aren’t aiwable to buy? (with maximimnumber = 0), if not, how about to cahnge it to a tag like in the weapon, so someone can create “special Weapons” that aren’t ailwable to buy, only way to get them with that tag (or invoke)

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