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    KTM Rider

    Okay, here’s mine. Gotta love simple. And widescreen


    Laptops Daddy

    @mooic wrote:

    Is there any chance of some V41 Beta sereenshots with the new water to use as backgrounds? (i mean more than what gavin already posted), cos my grafix just wont do the water 🙁

    Now that it’s released…

    Here are some high res screenshots. (1600×1200, 16xAA, 16xAF, noroam). They’re about 1MB each, you may want to scale them down a bit.

    (Click the image for full sized versions)


    KTM Rider

    Gorgeous pictures, Laptop. I particularly like the 4th one, with the Red Sun. v41 is so beautiful to behold. A picture competition would be fun.



    Nice screen shots Laptops Daddy I was going to post some more during testing but my system wont let me take screen shots like that. 👿 👿 Very nice work. 😀 😀



    My current wallpaper:

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