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    The current list of registered servers can be seen by going to or clicking the servers link at the top, or by choosing the internet/lan option from within the game’s main menu.
    If the server list does not show any servers, the registration server may be off line. You may still be able to connect to the official servers by copying/pasting the addresses below into the “Connect to” block in the game client’s server menu.

    == OFFICIAL SERVERS == …. Weekly Stats:


    NO BOTS – aka: Main server:


    TOURNAMENT: (occasional tournaments and mod hosting)

    == ApocHQ Servers: ==
    Discuss Apocalypse mod here or visit the official site
    Temporary Apoc Server



    Small Weapons FFA (sniper)

    == Other Mods ==
    -> stats for Scorched3D mods servers by Thrax

    Shockmod Official Server:

    Scavenger Hunt server

    Nuthin but Roof BABY! (roofmod)

    Toy Box Mod

    Blame Canada(Merge)




    The Dog’s of War!(Jdog Trial)

    Scorch-Wars Official-Beta

    RaptorMod Converted 40.1d

    Black-Rose Classics(classic mod)

    Better Than Beginner! -i got SkillZ!!- (skillz mod)

    Updated Dec 15, 2006 by BOY


    Apollo Tangent

    Don’t forget Apoc 🙂
    Apoc: – FFA – Teams – small weapons mod




    @Apollo Tangent wrote:

    Don’t forget Apoc 🙂

    Thanks Apollo 🙂



    Panther’s server is gone.



    I would have posted more of the servers but was pressed for time at end of workday….

    I knew ya’ll would be adding more of them. Everyone feel free to post your server addresses here. 😀



    Shockmod Official Server is at

    May be it would be a good idea to introduce a redundancy system (2 “servers list” servers in case of one getting broke) ?



    NEW IP’s to the officials servers:

    Main (the 1 under Beginners in the list..gavin how about change the name and make it the “Scorched3d Main server”):


    Brain Damage

    The server for my mod (Toy Box) can be found at:




    Have build an Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS server, running Scorched3D servers. This server is for Scorched only. I’m planning to put as many servers as the PC can handle, and of course my uploade capacity. The ADSL speed is a 4096/768 kbit/s line, but expecting Fiber in 2007. I do not hope that the daily use of the ADSL line will disrupt the servers and create lag, so far I haven’t heard any complains.

    The PC is an Intel P3 – 1.0 GHz – 512 MB SDRAM 133MHz – 7200RPM HD.

    The servers are named and located at:
    Kurukshetra –
    Kurukshetras Toys (Toy Box) –
    Kurukshetras All Weapons –
    Kurukshetras BabyApoc –

    Working on MySQL and stats, webinteface, and finetuning.

    More servers will come eventually, mostly mods and such.

    The name of the servers comes from the great battlefield of Kurukshetra:

    Read Mahabaratha!


    Note: The server is in the DMZ, all traffic to local lan has been blocked. There are no privat files on the PC, only Scorched3D related content.


    I have fixed the issue with the bots playing when noone is playing on the servers. Furthermore it’s now possible to receive mods, or in other words, I have set the upload speed in the config. Missed that, sry.

    Server added: an APOC mod server, where I have removed the larger weapons, from above the BABY weapons. I did it in a hurry, so maybe there is missing a weapon or two, please let me know if that is the case. I just love the APOC mod, but not those HUGE destructive weapons which can take out an entire map. Funky and so on are not for skilled players either. Its still possible to shoot the guns on the map and get them that way, then you so-called earned them and can keep them. I call this setup “BabyApoc” 🙂

    BIG THANKS to the Apoc devs. Thank you very much for this greate mod.

    Server added: a plain S3D server with all weapons. Just if you want to try those heavy guns in the second round. It’s for fun and just to learn the weapons.

    Server removed: the Small Weapon server. No need because I can create my own setup of which weapons are buyable.

    Edited the serverlist above accodingly.

    Changed the max players to 12, and 12 rounds on all servers. The wind is Breezy on all servers, and the walls wrap. Bot leaves after two players join.

    Stats are not coming on this server, because I need to compile the whole thing first. Maybe later, or not at all.



    Where’s Scorch Wars?



    @shack wrote:

    Where’s Scorch Wars?

    If they are up, which isn’t always…

    Blame Canada(Merge) –

    Stone-Age –

    Laser-Tourny(LaserMod) –

    Ball-Breaker(RollerMod) –

    Scorch-Wars Official Alpha –



    I’ve updated the first post with the info Thrax. Thanks.



    in the absence of a server forum, the gameplay forum should be a good home. Server forum was under utilized anyway. As was the tournament forum (which was also for tournaments…. heh.)



    anyone have an idea if spudster or anyone is going to update raptor mod?

    Has his server been seen at all lately?


    Brain Damage

    no, actually he put up the server for kinda like 2 weeks in april then got offline and didn’t got back (also i did not see him around anymore); also raptormod is not updated for v40.

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