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    This list is an official ruleset that applies to the unmodded servers run by (ie “main” and “beginners”).

    * Servers are FFA (Free For All):
    The servers are FFA by default. If you want to play custom rules games (MissilesBattsChutes only etc) on these servers, all of the participating players have to agree. If one or more player(s) says no or does not confirm that the rules are accepted, the game is FFA.

    /The admin crew



    FAQ #1. Does Free For All really mean “no rules”?
    Yes. Free For All or “FFA” means there are no gameplay rules. All accessories (weapons, defense, fuel, etc..) are allowed. Players can use any tactic they want to try to win. Winner is determined by most points scored.

    FAQ #2. What if a player comes in and shoots me with something that we agreed not to shoot?
    Players agree to playing by rules like “MCB only” at thier own risk. In other words, the special rules you make are only as good as the players who agreed to the special rules. The server has no rules, it is FFA as defined in Rule #1 above.

    FAQ #3. I hate dirters and so does everyone else, shouldn’t dirt be banned?
    Dirt is part of the game, if you don’t like dirters, shoot them. If you can’t beat them, join them. Dirt is also allowed by Rule #1 above.

    FAQ #4. Isn’t resigning robbing others of a fair kill? What about logging off and rejoining to avoid a death?
    Resigning is allowed at any time a player chooses. Exiting or quitting repeatedly to avoid death and diminish opponents points is considered poor gamesmanship and can result in admin action if it appears to be subversion of the game scoring system.



    MCB (missiles chutes batts) only is now strictly prohibited on the main server.

    This is a popular “rule” many veterans like to play by. This will no longer be allowed. Anyone who insists on telling other players what sort of rules they must play by will be muted or perma-muted. Players that wish to play MCB may discuss this only privately (by whisper).

    The rule of MCB needs to dissapear forever. A player should never have to ask, “what’s MCB?” It should never be mentioned.

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