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    Server full? 👿 and you cant get in? 😕

    Watch this video and see all the fun people are having without you! 😯
    Bet you wish you were there 😉

    all joking aside, this song is from Tool, it’s called 46 & 2, hope ya like it.

    46 & 2

    Stage 6 DivX version



    Hey, I got some screen time. And there’s the bit where you DH’d yourself off my shield. 😛



    As always, a great video, and nice choice for the music too. Another Tool song that would fit Scorched would be Schism, or if you wanted to be ironic, Right In Two.

    Maybe I’ll make it in the next video. I try to make myself presentable before I go online in case you show up w/ your camera, but I haven’t seen you in a while. Always nice to see other people being blown up anyway. 😀

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