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    Does anyone else begin to salivate when you see the line on the TODO List that says:

    Things I am currently looking at:
    Scripting language

    Mmm the thought of the accessories code being more script-like in nature and actually being able to generate numbers and use math functions and have access to the users shot data and so forth just gets me going.. 🙂

    Here are some of the ideas for functions that I would like to be able to use in the accessories code that have been on my ideas list for a while. It would also be nice to be able to use if/then type branching so you could use different code for different conditions. I’m sure there are plenty more useful things it would be nice to have access too, can you guys think of some other things you would like to see?

      – Function that generates random numbers within a given range.
      – Example: I want to redirect a weapon randomly by +/- 10 degrees so I supply r(-10,10) or something along those lines
      – This function alone combined with the ability to use math functions within an attribute would open up a bunch of flexibility for the weapons coding.

    – Function that returns the original power setting the user made the shot with

      – For determining how much a weapon should spread or how far a translated explosion should be spaced for example.
      – If the user made the shot with 1000 power, the function returns a value of 1.0
      – Example: I want to translate an explosion based on how much power the user made a shot with so I supply (OriginalShotPower*19)+1

    – Functions that return the horizontal and vertical angles the weapon’s user shot at initially.

      – Example: I could make meteor shower have all the meteors fall in the same horizontal direction that the user was facing when they fired by doing a redirecting them to UserShotHAngle

    – Function that returns the velocity the weapon was traveling at the current point in the weapon

      – For reasons similar to previous
      – I’m not sure how the numbers actually work out in the code, but it’d be nice to see that the function would retun a value of 1.0 if the weapon was travelling at the speed of a shot made at 1000 power in no winds.
      – Example: I want a mirv weapon to spread more if it is moving faster so I supply CurrentVelocity

    – Function that returns the level of wind that is currently in play on the landscape (returns 0-5).

    – Function that returns the angle of inclination to the target (0 to 180 degrees) in a WeaponAimedOver/Under primitive.

      – It should line up with how absolute vredirect works, so that if the target is directly above the weapon, the function would return a value of 0 degrees, directly beside the weapon would return 90 degrees, etc.
      – Very helpful for aimed sniper/laser weapons or using translated explosions to reach the target.

    – Function that returns the distance to the target that an aimed weapon is aiming at in a WeaponAimedOver/Under primitive

      – Again this is mainly for use with translated explosions or maybe lightning or laser weapons so you could affect the spacing or possibly (not sure how) the number of explosions you would need to reach the target at a given spacing


    Yes this does sound nice and all but does every modder here want to relearn how to mod, especially if we don’t have a manual on all the functions present and how to use them.

    While I like the scripting idea, it could make modding to complex and turn some people off to the game.



    Its a necessary evil though if you want to be able to do more with the accessories code. As it stands right now, you have to hard code each and every numerical aspect of a weapon. It would be nice to have the ability to generate certain values on the fly. And honestly I can’t see how the change would turn people off from the game, turn people off from modding possibly, but I’m sure Gav will come up with a conversion script or something along those lines as he did with the major changes in 38.1 should there be a need for it depending on how it is implemented.



    if this is to be done, lets do it NOW. I am learning the hard way each and every weapon i make. 🙂 still need a few more weapons to create a full weapons set. problem is, between the modders, new stuff keeps coming out!



    time to look at:

    I’d do it myself, but
    a) I have to feed myself, and therefore have a job… that has insane hours…
    and more importantly….
    b) the code is fairly complicated, and all I’ve had time to look at is the weapon code, and that’s changed alot since the last time I’ve looked at it.:)….

    mmm so many interesting pet projects… so little *&#king time.

    Either way it doesn’t matter, because Gavin would re-write anything I did anyways… and there’s a reson for that; it would have to work 😛




    Yummm. It would allow some sort of spline weapon path computation. Who remenber the “Lazy boy” from original scorched earth ? 😉



    @device wrote:

    Yummm. It would allow some sort of spline weapon path computation. Who remenber the “Lazy boy” from original scorched earth ? 😉

    I don’t remember the “Lazy Boy” but the scripting language will but good for the game even if it could make modding much more harder then it can be, but it will allow many more new kind of weapons to be created.

    I’ll just need a good guide that I can keep on hand for the functions it will have.



    Even if not if/else clauses, it’d be cool to have a x (where x is the max number) and other tags along that line.

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