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    I’ve noticed (this may have been around.. but I honestly don’t recal).

    When my curser is over the game, the lighting on my monitor screen is “normal”. When I take the mouse off the game, everything becomes brighter.

    Has this been around before v40 / 40.1? If so I don’t remember… but I’m noticing it now more then ever and as I type this post… and, it can be quite distracting.

    Especially when, it stays in effect after the window closes.. and I’ve yet to see how to close the game window without cuasing the brightness to be stuck.



    I believe this is more of how windows handles things.

    When it’s off the Scorched screen, it will be at default brightness but when you hover over it, the user specified brightness should kick in making it either brighter or darker depending on where you have the brightness setting.

    I’ve seen this before with other games.



    Yes, in windows, the way SDL does the gamma correction will affect the whole screen.




    I wanted to bring this up again.

    Is there no way to reset this back to its correct settings? With or without using scorched? Restarting my computer just for this stinks.

    And it’s not my normal brightness settings being adjusted either. Its something else.



    This will be the gamma correction setting for scorched.
    I guess if you use the default gamma level for the game it shouldn’t change the screen gamma level. The setting is in the display.xml file.

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