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    Whos in charge of maintenance on the main beginners server? The scoring is pathetic. Someone who was 2nd had killed 22 people and won 1 yet the person who won the game had 3 kills but won 2. I dont think it puts a good impression on the newbies and looks a bit unfair at first glance. Obviously it dont bother most people but as it is a server aimed at newcomers id thought the server would of had some sort of maintenance.



    Beginners server scores it this way.

    285 points for a round win and 10 points per kill.

    Main server.

    100 points per round win and 30 points per kill.

    Clearly the beginners server is geared towards winning rounds. IMO they should be switched. Because if it were switched, the pro’s in main would realize we’d have to shoot the leader. New players will not realize this.

    I still think 285-10 is way too much of a diff. A server geared towards winning rounds should probably be 10-1 at most.



    This was all discussed in detail, here

    halfway down pg 4 is this explanation

    Those were the original scoring setting when v40 came out. Due to player demand, Gavin changed the system on Main to what it is currently. It was felt, at the time, that Beginners should remain unchanged so new players would learn the value of surviving over killing. I believe it was also a deterrant to good players who would go in and mass kill the newbs, so their 50 kills per game would not mean as much

    I don’t completely agree with that quote, but I also don’t mind if the beginners server has different settings, however, I don’t play there. 😕

    I still beleive that the settings on beginners are in error, this is due to the silly points distribution. Most of those points are awarded for LIVES. While round wins were set by someone to be much less. LIFE score was primarily for other mods such as Apoc where you can gain extra lives in a round, or for mods where more than one life is given per round. In Official severs lives has never been an issue, but since the default lives score is 250, it seems to me this was just forgotten. However, I don’t recall all who tinkered with the settings.

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